PRP therapy for sports injuries

Plasmotherapy is used to treat sports injuries in order to stimulate tissue regeneration, which accelerates recovery.

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PRP therapy in sports is a non-surgical method of treating joint pain, tendons, muscles. It is used in acute and chronic conditions, after overload. Enriched by factors of growth by own plasma triggers a powerful process of natural restoration, healing and strengthening of tissues of the affected area.Before the procedure, the patient has a fence of blood, the obtained biomaterial in a special test tube undergoes processing in a centrifuge. Then, the resulting plasma platelet received by platelets is introduced into the damaged area.PRP therapy in the Olympus clinic is performed by experienced highly qualified orthopedic traumatologists, surgeons. It is carried out individually assigned course. As a result, the rehabilitation period after the injury is reduced, inflammation, pain and swelling are reduced.

Показания и противопоказания



Damage to the cartilage tissue of the joints

Inflammation in the joints

Severe pain in joints caused by inflammatory processes

Breaks and tears of ligaments, muscles

Violation of the integrity of muscles caused by injury

Tendon tendon

A renewal of tendon tissue

Arthritis, osteoarthritis

Inflammatory damage to the joints

Subanitary fasciitis

Inflammation of the connective tissue shell of the foot

Процесс проведения

PRP therapy for sports injuries


Consultation before the operation

During the initial consultation, an orthopedic traumatologist conducts a clinical examination of the patient and special tests, evaluates the volume of movements. Comprehensive examinations are prescribed, which include instrumental diagnostics (radiography, MRI), a general blood test is also prescribed.


PRP therapy of the joints

Before the procedure, the patient’s blood is carried out in a special test tube. Blood is treated in a centrifuge. After the centrifugation process, the resulting plasma is cleaned, enriched with growth and healing factors. She is ready for use. Own plasma is administered using injections into the affected area. After the procedure, the patient may return to the usual graphics, observing the recommendations of the attending physician-traumatologist.


Postoperative period

After PRP therapy, relief of pain, improvement and restoration of motor functions occurs within 3-4 weeks. The duration of the effect persists for up to six months.


PRP therapy for sports injuries

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PRP therapy for sports injuries
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