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Liposuction of the abdomen

Fat deposits in the abdomen can be difficult to remove even with the help of training and nutrition. In this case, surgical liposuction is shown - this minimally invasive method for one procedure will remove excess adipose tissue.

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Liposuction of the abdomen

Liposuction of the abdomen is a popular correction of the contours of the body, which helps to quickly get rid of fat excesses, make the stomach flat and embossed, and also reduce the waist.

Expected effect

Elimination of excess volume

Removing fat deposits and creating a flat stomach

Improving the overall aesthetics of the body

Elegant and harmonious body proportions

Improving self-esteem

The dream figure makes you feel more confident


Improved comfort when moving and wearing clothes



During the initial consultation, the plastic surgeon examines the patient. Indications for aesthetic surgery are determined only by the doctor. If surgical intervention is necessary, preparation for a planned operation begins, a comprehensive diagnosis is carried out. A few days before the planned date of the operation, according to the results of the examination, the patient meets with an anesthesiologist for an individual selection of anesthesia.



Hospitalization takes place in the morning on the day of the operation. The last intake of water, solid food should be at least 6 hours before the planned surgical intervention. Immediately before the operation, it is necessary to take a hygienic shower. General anesthesia is used to perform the operation. Liposuction of the abdomen takes about 60-90 minutes. The surgeon performs manipulations through micro-injections. Traces of them fade after a while and completely disappear. Often liposuction of the abdomen is combined with the simultaneous removal of "fat traps" on the sides and waist. Combining the techniques allows you to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat on the front wall of the abdomen, lateral zones, and also perform waist modeling. After the operation, the patient is transferred to the awakening ward, where his condition is monitored by medical staff. The discharge takes place 1-2 days after the operation.



The recovery period on average takes 1-1.5 months. The patient can return to his usual lifestyle, observing a number of mandatory recommendations: wearing compression underwear or a bandage made of special tightening knitwear for 1 month, limiting physical activity, lifting weights and visiting a bath, sauna, solarium for 2 months.

Comfortable rooms for your speedy recovery

Advantages of the operation

Health care

Elimination of fat deposits can improve overall physical and psychological well-being


Minimal risk of complications

Long-term results

The new type of belly will be preserved for many years while maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Invisible scars

The operation leaves no visible traces of interference

Indications and contraindications

Domestic obesity

The result of the formation of excessive fat deposits that harm health

A sagging postpartum belly

After pregnancy, a deterioration in the skin condition in the abdomen is observed. She sags, loses its former elasticity, stretch marks appear on it.

Abdominal obesity

Excess fat in the abdomen

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Liposuction of the abdomen
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