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Legal information

Legal information about the Olymp Clinic aesthetic medicine clinic. Read the rules, terms and conditions of the contract in advance and be ready for your first visit!

Requisites LLC "Olimp Clinic Voronezh"
Requisites «Olymp Clinic» LLC







ул. Садовая-Сухаревская, 7/1


Telephone number


Founders of «Olymp Clinic» LLC

Соловьева Наталья Александровна, Чубур Кирилл Александрович


Чубур Кирилл Александрович

Head of the medical organization

И.О. главного врача Ермолаев Павел Валериевич

Installment information

Installment payment at the "Olymp Clinic"

Installment payments are a convenient and economical way to pay for medical services, including plastic surgery and dental procedures. "Olymp Clinic" patients have access to a wide range of partner banks which provide loans on favorable terms - with a minimum down payment and no overpayment.

Algorithm of actions for in-person registration of the installment plan

Get a consultation and a treatment plan.


Providing the administrator with the original passport of a Russian citizen with permanent registration.


Registration of the application for installment in one of the partner banks.


Waiting for approval from the bank, the answer comes within a day.


Signing an agreement with a partner bank when the application is approved and making a down payment.

Algorithm of actions for remote registration of the installment plan

Approval of the application with the administrator, including personal data and the amount of installments.


Sending an application.


Signing the contract.


Contract Authorization.


Arrival of the patient to the clinic on the day of surgery.

*Please note that the application, signing and authorization of the contract depends on the patient's location, so the interval between submission and surgery should be at least 10 days.

Installment options
Installment 0-0-6

six-month installment plan without overpayment and down payment.

Installment 10-0-10

10-month installment with no overpayment, with a down payment of 10%.

Installment 10-0-12

Installment for 12 months without overpayment, with a down payment of 10%.

Standard Purpose Loan

loan for a period of 12 months or more.

Schedule a visit to the clinic

You can schedule a visit to any of the clinics. Choose the time when it will be convenient for you to receive a return call to confirm the appointment.

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