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Ulthera System
Ulthera System

Ulthera System with micro-focused ultrasound, which penetrates into the skin layers, triggers collagen synthesis in the dermis and promotes lifting. With the device, six sensors with different penetration depths and different shapes can be used to allow penetration into difficult-to-reach areas.


A non-invasive rejuvenation system that uses radiofrequency energy to strengthen the skin and improve its contours. The device is ideal for those who want to get rid of sagging skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance to the skin of the face, neck and eyelids.

CO2 laser Lumenis UltraPulse
CO2 laser Lumenis UltraPulse

The most powerful among all CO2 lasers for aesthetic medicine. Thanks to the ultra pulse mode, it is able to solve the most difficult tasks in rejuvenation and skin relief alignment.


The unique Fotona system can perform facial rejuvenation, laser resurfacing of scars, stretch marks, scars, get rid of acne, post-acne, pigmentation areas. It is used for coagulation of telangiectasias.

Vbeam Candela Perfecta
Vbeam Candela Perfecta

An advanced pulsating red laser system for the treatment of vascular lesions of the skin and other red-pigmented areas. The device is ideal for eliminating rosacea, wine spots, vascular asterisks, redness and acne, as well as as a tool for delicate skin rejuvenation.

Sciton BBL Hero
Sciton BBL Hero

A phototherapy device that eliminates wrinkles, acne, age spots, areas of dilated vessels – rosacea. The device helps to achieve noticeable rejuvenation, improve the overall tone and texture of the skin

Endospheres AK SENSOR BODY
Endospheres AK SENSOR BODY

A revolutionary device for complex improvement of the skin and figure, effectively fighting cellulite, local fat deposits and edema.


A device that offers a solution to deeply moisturize the skin, improve tone, combat signs of aging and reduce the appearance of pigmentation. DERMADROP allows you to inject useful active ingredients into the deep layers of the skin without injury and pain.

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