Ultrasound and examination by gynecologist

Ultrasound and examination by a gynecologist at one time allows you to evaluate the condition of the organs of the female reproductive system, make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

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Are you planning a preventive inspection? There are unpleasant symptoms? Would you like to exclude the risk of developing diseases?Examination and ultrasound in Olympus Clinic is the key to your health. Our gynecologists are diagnosed using modern equipment. Regular visit to a specialist and examination allow you to detect violations and diseases in the early stages, until they have become a threat to women's health.Choose your doctor - sign up for examination and ultrasound in Olympus Clinic!

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Planned gynecological examination

scheduled inspection at least once every 6-8 months

Violation of the menstrual cycle

Changing the functioning of the organs of the reproductive system

Infertility treatment, pregnancy planning

Diagnosis and adjustment of health

Diagnosis of pregnancy

determination of the condition of the fetus, its development and various pathologies

Diagnosis of diseases

Establishing an accurate diagnosis

Problems with urination

the appearance of constant urination

Процесс проведения

Ultrasound and examination by gynecologist



After the consultative and diagnostic intake, the gynecologist may prescribe additional examinations and ultrasound of the pelvic organs. Their results will allow to evaluate the general condition of the patient, identify the cause of malaise and prescribe the necessary treatment. Before conducting examinations, you should empty the bladder, take a shower and put on pure linen. In order for the inspection to be as comfortable and informative as possible, it is worth it to refuse douching for several days and refrain from sexual contacts.



During the examination and ultrasound, the gynecologist discusses with the patient all issues regarding his condition, gives recommendations. Then, if problems and diseases were identified during the examination and ultrasound, the doctor draws up the optimal treatment plan and talks in detail about the procedures that are included in it. Date of the next visit is set depending on the testimony and wishes of the patient.


Ultrasound and examination by gynecologist

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Ultrasound and examination by gynecologist
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