Hardware treatment of gynecological diseases

The hardware treatment with radio wave and laser therapy method allows you to cope with a number of gynecological pathologies without surgery: condylomas, polyps, cysts and others.

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Conadilomas, cysts, polyps, papillomas, tissue inflammation, cervical erosion and other gynecological diseases require timely treatment. Do you need qualified help of an experienced specialist?Hardware treatment at Olympus Clinic is a modern method of healing the reproductive system. Our gynecologists conduct laser therapy and radio wave correction using the latest equipment from leading world manufacturers.Do not postpone the treatment - sign up for an appointment with a gynecologist in an Olympus clinic!

Показания и противопоказания


Condylomas, cysts, polyps, papillomas

Education caused by human papillomavirus

Rickered-sedimentary disease

Substitution of the functional epithelium with scar fabric

Fabric inflammation

Treatment of inflammatory diseases in gynecology

Coagulation of bleeding vessels

Stopping small bleeding

Diseases of the cervix

Background, precancerous and cancer


The disease of the reproductive system, characterized by the absence of pregnancy with regular sexual activity without the use of contraceptive agents over a year or more

Процесс проведения

Hardware treatment of gynecological diseases



Before starting hardware treatment, it is necessary to visit a confrontation with a gynecologist, on which the doctor collects an anamnesis and examines. Based on the information received, the doctor prescribes diagnostic examinations and tests, prescribes an advisory conclusion.



Hardware treatment in Olympus clinics is carried out only as prescribed by a doctor. For the procedures, the patient should not be revealed contraindications.Before starting treatment, it is necessary to stop using vaginal suppositories (in three days), douching (in two days), sexual life (in a day). Also, the day before the procedure, you need to stop taking drugs that thin the blood.



After hardware treatment, the patient must follow the restrictions and follow the recommendations received from the attending Doctor. They will depend on the procedure or operation. The maximum rehabilitation period does not exceed six weeks.

Услуга проводится с применением оборудования Многофункциональная платформа Immode

Inmode is a breakthrough in the field of aesthetic medicine. Using the apparatus, it is possible to carry out a full complex of demanded aesthetic procedures for the face and body, as well as in aesthetic gynecology and phlebology. Such versatility and multifunctionality are possible through the use of a large number of special nozzles and manipula for any type of procedure on one platform. Inmode offers minimally invasive and non -invasive methods for the most popular aesthetic procedures.

Многофункциональная платформа Immode


Hardware treatment of gynecological diseases

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Hardware treatment of gynecological diseases
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