Vulvoscopy and colposcopy

Vulvoscopy and colposcopy are instrumental gynecological studies that help to identify and disarm in the early stages of the pathology of the female genital organs.

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Vulvoscopy and colposcopy are the main methods of hardware diagnostics in gynecology to assess the state of the vaginal mucosa, the cervix, as well as to identify malignant formations. Vulvoscopy is an examination of the outer part of the genitals during which the gynecologist can determine the condition of the mucous membrane and possible lesions of the tissues: neoplasms, erosion.The procedure is fast and painless. Kolposcopy of the cervix is ​​a highly informative diagnostic method that allows you to detect various pathologies. To date, this is the only procedure by which oncology is revealed at the initial stage. During a comfortable procedure, the vaginal, the cervix, is examined with the help of a colposcope.If necessary, the doctor can take biomaterial for histological examination. The images obtained during the procedure are stored in the database to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.

Показания и противопоказания


Inflammation of the perineum

Redness, swelling in the perineum, the presence of inflammatory processes in the perineum

Discharge, bleeding

The appearance of brown, brownish or sucked discharge from the genital tract

Pathology of the cervix

Changes in the cervix detected during examination in the mirrors

Pain for sexual intercourse

Discomfort during intimacy, pain in the lower abdomen


Vaginal examination and cervix during pregnancy

Discomfort in the intimate area

Itching, burning, other discomfort

Процесс проведения

Vulvoscopy and colposcopy


Consultation before the procedure

During the initial consultation, the doctor conducts a clinical examination of the patient on the gynecological chair. After an external examination, vulvoscopy and colposcopy of the cervix are performed. Before conducting vulvoscopy, it is not recommended to use fat creams in the intimate area. Before conducting colposcopy, sexual peace is recommended within 2 days before the procedure, as well as a temporary refusal to use vaginal candles, douching for the specified period. If the patient undergoes a course of therapy using these products, then it is necessary to consult a gynecologist.


Gynecological diagnosis

Hardware gynecological diagnosis is carried out directly at the initial administration of a gynecologist. Vulvoscopy lasts 5-10 minutes. The doctor examines the external genitalia, assesses the condition of the skin, mucous membrane. The cervical colposcopy is carried out using a colposcope - a special microscope with built -in lighting. The walls of the vagina are divorced by the expand, and the inspection itself lasts no more than 10-15 minutes. During this time, the gynecologist assesses the condition of the vaginal mucosa, cervix, takes smears. If there are indications, additional tests can be used: the use of optical filters, processing with special solutions, as well as a biopsy sampling for subsequent histological examination.


Post -processing period

After these diagnostic rehabilitation procedures and there are no restrictions. A woman can return to the usual working graphics.


Vulvoscopy and colposcopy

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Vulvoscopy and colposcopy
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