PRP-therapy with plasma in gynecology

The use of plasmotherapy in gynecology helps eliminate dryness, atrophy of the vaginal mucosa by activating cell regeneration, collagen synthesis, and pulling the intercellular fluid.

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Age -related changes significantly affect the quality of life of the patient. PRP therapy or plasmolifting is widely used in gynecology for the treatment of diseases, improve the condition of the skin and mucous membranes. The essence of the procedure is the introduction of blood plasma enriched with platelets. The technique does not imply pain, discomfort and rehabilitation.Since the patient’s own blood is used, there is no risk of complications. PRP therapy is used to restore vaginal tissues that have lost elasticity and elasticity with age or after childbirth. It is effective in the fight against inflammatory processes. After the course of the procedures, the patient note an improvement in sexual life.Plasmotherapy can be carried out both separately, and in combination with other methods, including intimate rejuvenation of Intimalase Fotona. These technologies complement and enhance each other's action. PRP-therapy with plasma is suitable for both young patients and women aged. This procedure is recommended to everyone who wants to improve the quality of life.

Показания и противопоказания


Vaginal atrophy

Thinning of the walls of the vagina, loss of elasticity and elasticity

Atrophic colpitis

Itching, dryness, impaired microflora in inflammatory diseases

Dissatisfaction with the appearance

Age -related changes in the external genital organs

Postpartum rehabilitation

The need to restore after childbirth and surgery

Процесс проведения

PRP-therapy with plasma in gynecology



The procedure does not require special preparation. Previously, a small amount of venous blood is taken from the patient. Blood in a special test tube is placed in a special apparatus (centrifug), where it is processed. The result is plasma enriched with platelets. The ability of these elements to stimulate cell regeneration gives a therapeutic and recovery effect.



The plasma obtained at the previous stage is introduced by the patient on the gynecological chair. This is absolutely painless, since the doctor uses the finest needles and local anesthesia. After the introduction of the plasma, it has a moisturizing and regenerative effect. The procedure takes no more than 20-30 minutes. Typically, plasmotherapy is carried out in a course of 4-5 procedures. If it is combined with laser rejuvenation, then the methods are performed in one procedure (once a month). When using only PRP therapy, the interval between sessions is 10-14 days. Plasmotherapy is safe and has a minimum of restrictions. This is due to the use of exclusively human blood for whom the procedure is carried out. The risks of infection are excluded.



PRP therapy is a safe non-traumatic procedure that does not require a rehabilitation period. The only restriction is that within 2-3 days it is worth refraining from sexual contacts.


PRP-therapy with plasma in gynecology

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PRP-therapy with plasma in gynecology
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