Removing the lumps of Bisha

Bisha lumps - encapsulated fat deposits in the cheeks. It is they who give the face "roundness". In one session, a plastic surgeon in a small -traumatic way, without general anesthesia, will remove Bisha lumps, which will visually make the lines of the face more elegant.

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Komka Bisha, or fat lumps in the area of ​​cheekbones and lower jaw, are an anatomical feature. Over time, they can fall, contributing to the appearance of deep nasolabial folds and violating the aesthetics of the face. It is impossible to remove the lumps of Bisha in a conservative way: this subcutaneous fat is very dense, it is not absorbed under the influence of massage or facefitness.It can only be removed surgically. During a short sparing operation, a plastic surgeon performs a sculpture of the face: he can reduce the volume of fat lumps, move them or remove them completely.Plastic surgery in Olympus Clinic can significantly reduce the time of intervention and perform harmonious aesthetic correction. The effect after the operation will be a face like a supermodel: a sophisticated oval, high cheekbones, impeccable photogenicity.

Показания и противопоказания


Fuzzy face contour

Deformation of the face of the face

Excess fat in the cheeks

Excess fat accumulation in the cheek area

Deep nasolabial folds

Hypertonus of facial muscles always leads to wrinkles

Процесс проведения

Removing the lumps of Bisha


Consultation before the operation

During the initial consultation, a plastic surgeon examines the patient. Indications for aesthetic operation are determined only by the doctor. If necessary, surgical intervention begins to prepare for a planned operation. A few days before the planned date of the operation based on the results of the examination, the patient meets an anesthesiologist for the individual selection of anesthesia.


Plastic surgery

Hospitalization takes place in the morning on the day of the operation. The last intake of water, solid food should be at least 6 hours before planned surgery. As a rule, local anesthesia is used to perform the operation. The surgical removal of Bisha lumps takes about 30-40 minutes. Fat capsules are removed from the inside of the cheeks through microdistricts. Then a neat cosmetic seam is performed so that the traces of surgery are completely invisible. After surgery, medical personnel are observed. An extract occurs, as a rule, immediately on the day of the operation.


Postoperative period

After surgery, the patient may immediately return to the usual lifestyle. The seams are removed after 5-7 days. Mandatory conditions for successful restoration are compliance with a special diet, a dream on the back, sparing facial expressions, restriction of physical activity, temporary refusal to visit the pool, sauna within 1-2 weeks.


Removing the lumps of Bisha

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Removing the lumps of Bisha
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