Diagnostic gynecological laparoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic method that will help to identify the problem of infertility.

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Laparoscopy is surgical access with a minimum injury, which is carried out through microdistricts from 4 to 7 mm or punctures of the anterior abdominal wall. It helps to diagnose a number of gynecological diseases that entail infertility.Laparoscopy is carried out in the treatment of gynecological diseases and before preparing for IVF. The video camera of the laparoscopic tool makes it possible to see the patient’s organs to the doctor on the monitor, which allows you to make an accurate diagnosis and carry out the necessary surgical manipulations.If you want to forever get rid of gynecological diseases with modern methods, then sign up for an Olympus clinic for a consultation with a gynecologist. Only accurate diagnostics and quality treatment will help to solve the problems of you!

Показания и противопоказания



Inability to conceive a child in a childbearing age

Ovarian tumors

Benign formations, the result of cell division

The obstruction of the fallopian tubes

Dysfunction of the phallopium pipes determining the impossibility of moving the egg along them

Uterine fibroids

A benign, well -delimited, capsulated tumor, which comes from smooth muscle cells of the neck or uterine body.


A gynecological disease in which the tissue of the mucous membrane occurs outside the uterus occurs.

Ectopic pregnancy

Development of the embryo outside the uterine cavity

Процесс проведения




At a full-time consultation, a gynecologist finds out whether the patient has complaints, prescribes tests to evaluate the health status of the reproductive system. After an advisory and diagnostic administration, the doctor decides to conduct laparoscopy. Preparation for the operation involves the rejection of food and drinking in 8 hours, as well as the rejection of some drugs affecting blood coagulation.



Laparoscopy is carried out under general anesthesia. When the patient is ready for surgery, the gynecologist makes several cuts on the skin of the abdomen. As a rule, the cuts do not exceed 2 cm. The doctor introduces special tubes into the abdominal cavity through the made holes and gas is supplied through one of them so that the organs are available for examination. Through other tubes, the doctor introduces surgical instruments (if necessary) and a camera, thanks to which everything that happens is visible on the monitor screen. The duration of the operation is from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, and dependence on the complexity of the intervention. After the operation, the doctor imposes seams that are removed after 7-10 days.



Rehabilitation depends on the diagnosis of the patient and the complexity of surgical intervention. Since laparoscopy is considered a full -fledged operation, it is necessary to follow all the doctor's recommendations for quick recovery. After laparoscopy, it is necessary to abandon sports and lifting weights for 20-30 days. You also need to abandon intimacy for 2-3 weeks, do not visit the bathhouse and pool.

Майскова Ирина Юрьевна

Майскова Ирина Юрьевна

Кандидат медицинских наук, врач высшей категории, оперирующий акушер-гинеколог, онколог. Автор практического обучающего курса для врачей по лабиопластике.

Чернышева Юлия Викторовна

Чернышева Юлия Викторовна

Врач гинеколог-хирург, лапароскопический хирург. Специалист в области хирургического лечения нарушений функций женской половой системы.

Майванди Елена Дмитриевна

Майванди Елена Дмитриевна

Врач высшей категории, оперирующий акушер-гинеколог, специализирующийся в anti-age и биорегенеративной медицине, онколог

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