Intimate injections

Correction of the form, size, age -related changes in the labia is possible by introducing special drugs. Such a technique gives the result without anesthesia, cuts and prolonged rehabilitation.

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Do you want to give the external genitalia a more attractive appearance or eliminate age -related manifestations? Hyaluronic acid -based injections will help in this. The drugs are aimed at rejuvenating the skin, improving the appearance of the large labia, correction of size and shape.This service is recommended for age -related changes, when the large labia loses volume and become flabby. Fillers fill them, increase skin tone, give aesthetic attractiveness. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component contained in the skin and mucous membranes.It is completely safe and after 1-1.5 years is excreted from the body in a natural way. Intimate injections are self -confidence and improving the quality of sexual life. To eliminate the shortcomings, make an appointment with the Olympus Clinic.

Показания и противопоказания


Dissatisfaction with the appearance

The desire to adjust the shape and size of the external genitalia

Age -related skin changes

Loss of tone and elasticity

Aesthetic imperfections

Asymmetry of the labia labia, lack of volume

Процесс проведения

Intimate injections



The procedure begins with a consultation of a gynecologist. The doctor finds out the wishes of the patient, is convinced of the absence of contraindications to injections. The consultation determines the appropriate drug and its volume. Preparation for the procedure is not needed. Keep in mind that injections are not carried out during menstruation days.



Injections are a minimally invasive procedure. It is performed under local anesthesia (analgesic cream). In the process of the session, the patient does not feel pain and discomfort. The procedure itself takes no more than 30 minutes. The doctor makes injections with hyaluronic acid -based drugs (fillers). After them, the skin of the large labia is filled, due to which their volume increases. The skin tone increases, the genital area becomes aesthetically attractive.



As such, rehabilitation after injection is not required. Within 2-3 days, it is recommended to refrain from intimate contacts. It is also better to avoid visiting a bath and sauna. The result will be noticeable immediately after the procedure, but it will be completely possible to evaluate it after 7-10 days. The procedure is carried out once. The effect of the drugs remains for 1-1.5 years, after which the injections can be repeated. Hyaluronic acid is completely safe and excreted from the body naturally.


Intimate injections

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Intimate injections
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