Beautification of the face

Facial beauty is a complex of minimally invasive procedures that can be performed at once. As a result, turgor and elasticity of the skin increase, the face looks younger and more harmonious.

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Natural person proportions, lack of complexes, harmony with oneself and their appearance. Have you dreamed about this for a long time? The face of the face in Olympus Clinic will fulfill your desires.Our plastic surgeons possess not only perfect knowledge of anatomy, but also an amazing aesthetic taste. They will save you from any drawbacks, emphasize natural beauty and at the same time preserve your personality. Take the first step to fulfilling a dream - sign up for a consultation with Olympus Clinic specialists!

Показания и противопоказания


Dissatisfaction with the appearance of the face

Changes in the oval of the face

Acquired defects, traces of injuries

Post -acne, small scars and scars

Unfinished facial contours

Singing the skin of the face (ptosis)

Desire to harmonize face proportions

The desire to eliminate aesthetic imperfections

Natural features of appearance

Congenital external imperfections

Severe asymmetry of the face

Pathology in which the right and left sides of the face are noticeably different

Процесс проведения

Beautification of the face



Before the beauty’s beauty, you need to visit confrontation, within the framework of which all the details of the future operation are discussed. A conversation with a plastic surgeon is needed to take into account the patient’s wishes and choose a suitable complex of surgical interventions. Also, according to the results of the meeting, the doctor calculates the final cost of the operation, appoints the necessary tests and prescribes an advisory conclusion.



The face of the face in the Olympus clinic is performed only as prescribed by the doctor. To conduct surgery, the patient needs to provide the results of tests and examinations in a timely manner. He should not have contraindications to perform a planned operation. Beautification of the face passes under general anesthesia and lasts from one to three hours. Duration depends on the characteristics of the body, the selected complex and the volume of intervention.



At least a day after the face of the face, the patient is in the comfortable ward Olympus Clinic. Medical staff monitors his condition around the clock to eliminate the risk of complications. The final result is estimated 6-12 months after the operation.


Beautification of the face

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Терезанов Олег Юрьевич

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Beautification of the face
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