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Pavshintseva Elena Sergeevna

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Pavshintseva Elena Sergeevna

"The main danger to a fragile child's psyche is an immature adult."

Elena Pavshintseva helps children and adults find harmony with themselves

Elena Pavshintseva helps children and adults find harmony with themselves

The area of professional interests of the doctor is emotional intelligence, burnout, depressive and anxious states, interpersonal relationships.

Works in the KPT approach

Works in the KPT approach

Questions that are addressed to Elena Sergeevna — depressive / low mood; unpleasant emotions: anxiety, fear, jealousy, resentment; stress, problems in relationships with loved ones, difficult life choices

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Higher education
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Basic education in the specialty “Psychology”

Volgograd State University

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Professional assistance in solving personal, family and professional problems. Psychological consultations are aimed at improving the psycho-emotional state, resolving conflict situations, improving the quality of life and personal growth.

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How to get to us?

Olympus clinic sadovaya
Олимп Клиник Огни

1 exit to the city, then left to the Garden Ring, at the crossing to the right, crossing the boulevard, one more crossing and at the traffic light to the left. The Olymp Clinic building is located overlooking the Garden Ring to the right of the crossing. Travel time is approximately 9 minutes. Landmark - sign Olymp Clinic

Exit 3 from the metro and 640 meters straight ahead, the clinic will be on the right. Landmark - sign Olymp Clinic

From st. Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya, turn right to the Olympic Avenue. In the right lane, after 80 meters, you need to turn to the barrier “Car Wash”

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Pavshintseva Elena Sergeevna
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