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Smas-lifting Ulthera System

The Ulthera System Smas lifting has a pronounced effect on the skin of the face, as a result of the procedure, wrinkles disappear, the oval of the face becomes more tightened.

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Smas-lifting Ulthera System

Powerful hardware facelift!

Ожидаемый эффект

Lifting effect

Tightens eyelids, corners of lips, cheeks and facial contours.

Elimination of excess skin

Reduces fat in the cheeks and chin area.

Elimination of aesthetic defects

Corrects ptosis of the upper eyelid.



During a face-to-face consultation with a cosmetologist, all issues related to the Ulthera System SMAS lifting are discussed. The doctor talks in detail about the procedure and rehabilitation. Depending on the indications and wishes of the patient, the volume and area of correction are determined. Preparation for Ulthera System SMAS lifting involves temporarily avoiding cosmetics containing salicylic and glycolic acids or isotretinoin.



Ulthera System SMAS lifting at Olympus Clinic is performed only as prescribed by a doctor, provided that the patient has no contraindications. Immediately before the procedure, the specialist cleanses the skin and applies a gel that improves the glide of the handpiece and determines the required depth of exposure to ultrasonic waves. The duration of Ulthera System SMAS lifting depends on the area of correction. The procedure usually takes no more than 60 minutes.



After undergoing Ulthera System SMAS lifting at the Olympus Clinic, the patient must follow the recommendations received from the cosmetologist at home. Minor swelling and redness may occur for a few days. The final result is assessed after two to three months. It lasts for three years.

Ulthera System

The Ulthera System apparatus with micro-focused ultrasound, which penetrates into different layers of the skin, triggers collagen synthesis in the dermis and promotes lifting at the SMAS level. With the device, you can use six sensors with different depths of penetration and various forms, in order to penetrate into complex areas.

Ulthera System

Комфортабельные палаты для вашего скорейшего выздоровления

Преимущества операции

Surgical precision

By visualizing the layers of skin on the device screen, the specialist can control the direction of the ultrasound. For example, when using a system sensor with a frequency of 10 MHz, the fibers are thermocoagulated in the superficial layers of the skin, while with a sensor with a lower frequency (about 4 MHz) - deeper, in the layers of soft tissue.

Safety of the procedure

Ulthera's SMAS-lifting technology is patented, allows you to monitor skin treatment in real time and does not affect those tissues that do not need treatment. There is no recovery period, as well as possible complications that often worry the patient after invasive rejuvenation techniques.


The course of treatment can be customized individually by choosing the most suitable protocol. The technique is relevant for both women and men. Not only the face is subject to treatment, but also other areas of the body that show age - décolleté, neck, knees. Lifting is possible in the periorbital area and around the lips.

Long lasting effect

Despite the fact that the technique does not produce results immediately after the session, but only after a few months, the firmness and beautiful contours of the face will delight the patient for a year and a half.

Показания и противопоказания

Loss of volumes and contours of the face

Gradual violation of a flat and clear contour of the face

Folds and wrinkles

External manifestation of deep skin changes caused by various reasons

Gravity ptosis of the face

Omission of the middle zone of the face

Double chin

Accumulation of adipose tissue in the corner between the lower jaw and neck

Owl of the corners of the mouth

Deformation of the oral line, the formation of small facial wrinkles

Veneration of eyebrows, hanging the eyelids

Change in the position of the edge arc, ptosis of the tissue complex in the upper eyelid

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Smas-lifting Ulthera System
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