For diseases of the ears, the presence of a foreign body in the ear, a dotorinolaryngologist uses instrumental methods of treatment.

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Problems with hearing, ears pain, the occurrence of diseases and purulent inflammations, entering foreign objects into the auditory hole is an incomplete list of problems that force a person to contact an otorhinolaryngologistThis doctor is treating ENT organs, including ears.In most cases, a timely visit to a specialist, in the event of the first symptoms, allows us to eliminate the causes of ailments using exclusively conservative methods without conducting planned operations.

Показания и противопоказания


Furunculus (carbuncle)

inflamed, pus cavity in the skin

Ear diseases

The struck of the outer, middle or inner ear

Deterioration of hearing quality

decrease or complete hearing loss

Sulfur plugs

overlap of the auditory pass due to accumulation of the secretion of the sebaceous glands

Atheroma of the ear

benign neoplasm that arose due to blockage of the sebaceous gland

Foreign body in the auditory hole

violation of the servant, a sense of congestion and noise in the ear

Процесс проведения




The elimination of pain and discomfort in the ears begins with an advisory intake of otorhinolaryngologist. The collection of an anamnesis, inspection and diagnostic examinations allow you to determine the causes of the phenomena that the patient complains about and draw up an individual treatment plan.



Otorhinolaryngologists Olympus clinics prescribe and carry out the following procedures in the ears: the introduction of drugs into the external auditory passage, opening the boil (carbuncle), subside blockade with drugs, instillation of drugs for upper respiratory tract diseases, catheterization of the auditory pipe, including with the introduction of the introduction Drugs, massage of drum membranes, staging a medicinal or ointment turunda, blowing the auditory pipe on the ENT-Combine or the cylinder of the Politzer, washing the nadborn space of the middle ear, removal of atheroma, extraction of sulfur traffic jams and foreign bodies from the auditory opening, leaving the external auditory passage. Each procedure has its own specifics and indications. In some cases, doctors can use local anesthesia or sedation for anesthesia and eliminating uncomfortable sensations.



After the completion of all manipulations, the attending physician gives the patient a list of recommendations and restrictions. Compliance with requirements minimizes the risk of complications and accelerates recovery. Rehabilitation does not provide for being in the hospital. Its duration depends on the procedure.

Мушенко Владислав Алексеевич

Мушенко Владислав Алексеевич

Врач-оториноларинголог. Специалист в области ринохирургии, хирургического лечения нарушений патологий уха, горла, носа, а также головы и шеи.

Тимошенко Кристина Викторовна

Тимошенко Кристина Викторовна

Врач-оториноларинголог. Специалист в области аудиометрические и эндоскопические ЛОР-исследования.

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