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For diseases of the ears, the presence of a foreign body in the ear, a dotorinolaryngologist uses instrumental methods of treatment.

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A timely visit to an otorhinolaryngologist when symptoms appear allows you to eliminate the causes of ailments using conservative methods without performing operations

Expected effect

Improving well-being

You will feel great

Confidence in your health

You can no longer worry about your health

Diagnosis of diseases

Detailed assessment of the condition of the ear and determination of the presence of infections, inflammations, injuries or other problems.

Elimination of foreign bodies

Procedures allow you to safely remove a foreign object, preventing complications



The elimination of pain and discomfort in the ear area begins with an otorhinolaryngologist's consultation. Anamnesis collection, examination and diagnostic examinations allow you to determine the causes of the phenomena that the patient complains about and make an individual treatment plan.



Olymp Clinic otorhinolaryngologists prescribe and perform the following procedures in the ear area: administration of medications into the external auditory canal, opening of a boil (carbuncle), post-ear blockades with medications, instillation of medications for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, catheterization of the auditory tube, including with the introduction of medications, massage of the eardrums, formulation of medicinal or ointment turunda, blowing the auditory tube on an ENT harvester or a Politzer balloon, washing the above-drum space of the middle ear, removal of atheroma, extraction of sulfur plugs and foreign bodies from the auditory orifice, care of the external auditory canal. Each procedure has its own specifics and indications. In some cases, doctors may use local anesthesia or sedation to relieve pain and eliminate discomfort.

Care after the procedure in the ear area

Care after the procedure in the ear area

After completing all manipulations, the attending physician gives the patient a list of recommendations and restrictions. Compliance minimizes the risk of complications and accelerates recovery. Rehabilitation does not involve being in a hospital. Its duration depends on the procedure performed.

Benefits of the service

Elimination of the disease

Treatment of the disease and elimination of symptoms

Prevention of complications

Regular procedures and checkups with a doctor can help prevent complications

Hearing improvement

Restoration and improvement of hearing

Indications and contraindications

Furunculus (carbuncle)

inflamed, pus cavity in the skin

Ear diseases

The struck of the outer, middle or inner ear

Deterioration of hearing quality

decrease or complete hearing loss

Sulfur plugs

overlap of the auditory pass due to accumulation of the secretion of the sebaceous glands

Atheroma of the ear

benign neoplasm that arose due to blockage of the sebaceous gland

Foreign body in the auditory hole

violation of the servant, a sense of congestion and noise in the ear

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Mushenko Vladislav Alekseevich
Mushenko Vladislav Alekseevich

Otorhinolaryngologist. Specialist in the field of rhinosurgery, surgical treatment of disorders of the ear, throat, nose, as well as head and neck.

Pugacheva Elena Nikolaevna
Pugacheva Elena Nikolaevna

The surgeon is an otorhinolaryngologist

Tymoshenko Kristina Viktorovna
Tymoshenko Kristina Viktorovna

Otorhinolaryngologist. Specialist in the field of audiometric and endoscopic ENT studies.

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Complex treatment of patients with polypose rhinosinusitis

Polypose rhinosinusitis is accompanied by difficulty of breathing, smell loss, snoring and other symptoms. Only a comprehensively selected otorhinolaryngologist, treatment eliminates all the symptoms and the cause of the disease.

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Consultation of Otorinolaryngologist

A patorinolaryngologist is engaged in the treatment of diseases of the ear, throat and nose. Treatment under the control of an ENT doctor is important, since the diseases of these organs, with improper treatment, turn into a chronic form or give complications.

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from 3 500 ₽
Surgical treatment of snoring

Obstructive apnea syndrome is a pathology, accompanied by snoring. One of the most effective treatment methods is surgical.

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from 100 000 ₽
Planned surgical ENT Operations

Chronic diseases of ENT organs, for example, chronic rhinitis, can be eliminated using planned surgery.

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Exit 3 from the metro and 640 meters straight ahead, the clinic will be on the right. Landmark - sign Olymp Clinic

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