Functional submucosal operations on the lower nasal sinks, including drug rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis is a frequent pathology that is poor in radical treatment. In difficult cases, the most effective method will be the operation on the nasal sinks.

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Chronic rhinitis is inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which is accompanied by persistent difficulty of nasal breathing. The general condition worsens swelling, dryness, loss of smell. Discomfort also causes frequent sneezing, involuntary lacrimation, conjunctivitis. The development of the disease is caused by infections, various allergens or changes in the tone of blood vessels in the submucosal layer of the lower shells.Highly qualified Olympus Clinic specialists conduct complete diagnosis, outpatient and surgical treatment of chronic rhinitis of any etiology. A comprehensive assessment of the disease and the prognosis of ENT therapy allows you to most effectively eliminate this pathology.If rhinitis is part of the symptom complex of another disease, then a medication program will be individually compiled, including antibiotics or antiviral drugs, immunomodulators.In the case of tissues of the hypertrophied nose of the nose, specialists carry out functional submucosal operations on the lower nasal sinks using sparing surgical methods, including ENT endoscopy.Endoscopic surgery in Olympus Clinic can significantly reduce the time of surgical intervention, eliminate the cause of the pathology, reduce the risk of tissue damage and accelerate the patient rehabilitation process.

Показания и противопоказания


Violation of nasal breathing

the development of acute, and later chronic diseases of the lower respiratory tract

Brescent disorder

decrease, loss, or, conversely, strengthening the susceptibility of aromas

The curvature of the nasal septum

change in the shape of the bone or cartilage of the anatomical structure

Vasotomy of the nose

Persistent increase in volume and the growth of vascular under group tissue

Chronic rhinitis that is not amenable to drug treatment

a runny nose that is not amenable to adequate treatment for several years

Процесс проведения

Functional submucosal operations on the lower nasal sinks, including drug rhinitis



During the initial consultation, the otorinolaryngologist collects an anamnesis and examination of the patient. Then it prescribes a complex laboratory and functional diagnosis, which will reveal the causes of the disease. Based on the examination and in the presence of direct indications for surgical intervention, preparation for a planned operation begins. Before any surgical intervention, it is necessary to reorganize the oral cavity and nasopharynx in order to eliminate all available foci of infection. If the operation takes place under general anesthesia, the patient needs to provide in advance to the clinic the results of tests and examinations that the attending physician will clarify at the appointment. In addition, recommendations for power correction, change of habits and medication will be given.


Endoscopic surgery

Surgical intervention is carried out using minimally invasive modern, patented copyright methods. This reduces the risk of bleeding, possible complications, leads to an early healing of tissues and the restoration of a full function of nasal breathing.


Functional submucosal operations on the lower nasal sinks, including drug rhinitis

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Functional submucosal operations on the lower nasal sinks, including drug rhinitis
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