Fabulous surface of the joint of the finger

The function of the fingers of the hand depends on the condition of the joints. In some diseases or injuries, they are destroyed and lose their usual function. Operation on plastic joint surgery will help to return performance to the fingers.

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The occurrence of chronic pain in the joint of the finger or its post -traumatic deformation are common causes that encourage a person to sign up for an advisory technique for a cystic surgeon.Often, during the examination, the patient reveals the destruction of one of the articular surfaces. In such cases, a bone taken from another area is used for its reconstruction.Surgical intervention allows you to improve the function of the joint and eliminates the need to replace it.

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Chronic pain in the joint

The occurrence of prolonged unpleasant sensations

The consequences of injury

The consequences of injury


Destruction of one of the articular surfaces

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Fabulous surface of the joint of the finger



Consultation of a brush surgeon is necessary to determine the causes that led to deformation of the joint of the finger or the occurrence of pain in this area. If the examination reveals the destruction of one of the articular surfaces, then the patient needs surgical intervention. Before the appointment of the operation, the doctor talks about all possible treatment options, their features and duration of rehabilitation.



On the eve of surgical intervention, the patient undergoes standard preoperative preparation, including consulted with an anesthetist to choose the optimal type of anesthesia. During the operation, the surgeon takes a bone from a predetermined area and with its help reconstructs the joint surface.



Features of rehabilitation therapy are discussed according to the results of surgical treatment. The recovery time is individual.


Fabulous surface of the joint of the finger

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Fabulous surface of the joint of the finger
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