Osteosynthesis of the bones of the fingers of the hand

The osteosynthesis of the bones of the fingers of the hand due to the comparison and fixation of the ends of the fragments ensures rapid rehabilitation and proper fusion.

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A fracture of the finger, including in combination with soft tissue injuries, is one of the most common damage to the brush that can be obtained during sports or in everyday life. For fixation of bones, cystic surgeons perform osteosynthesis.This operation allows you to restore bone anatomy of the brush. The fragments in the correct position are fixed with the help of special locks - knitting needles, plates or screws that create conditions for bones and restore the function of the hand.

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Fracture of the bone of the finger

Violation of the integrity of the distal, middle or main phalanx of the finger

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Osteosynthesis of the bones of the fingers of the hand



Before conducting osteosynthesis of the bones of the fingers, the doctor consults with the patient. It discusses the tactics of the upcoming treatment and possible options for fixing the fragments, further rehabilitation, a metal -finished (knitting needles, plates or screws) is also selected.



Before surgery, the patient undergoes a standard examination. The operation can be carried out under local, conductor or general anesthesia. The choice of one or another type of anesthesia depends on the segment in which the bone fragments are fixed. In most cases, the operation lasts about 15-40 minutes.



After surgery, the patient will have rehabilitation treatment. Depending on the latch used, it can begin immediately after the operation or be delayed. The first option assumes that stable osteosynthesis was performed using the plate, and the second - the installation of spokes. When using knitting needles, temporary immobilization is required, that is, fixing the operated area using gypsum or individual orthosis. The terms of their wearing are individual.


Osteosynthesis of the bones of the fingers of the hand

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Osteosynthesis of the bones of the fingers of the hand
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