Otoplasty. Ears plastic.

Otoplasty is a low -traumatic operation with a short rehabilitation period, which will help with problems such as: head of shirt, asymmetry of the ear shells, the consequences of injuries of the outer ear and others.

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Otoplasty is a modern and simple operation that our experts perform. Thanks to the otoplasty, you can change the shape of the ears in accordance with the contours of the face and head, adjust the size of the ears, reconstruct the ear sinks, eliminate the lop -efficiency, and also carry out aesthetic correction of ears.Ear plasticity consists in surgical correction of the shape of the ear cartilage. The operation is suitable for those who have congenital defects in the shape of the ears, the protrusion of the ear shells, and traumatic deformation.Sign up for a consultation at the Olympus Clinic to improve your appearance and rejoice in the reflection in the mirror every day. Our plastic surgeons will help you with pleasure!

Показания и противопоказания



Pronounced congenital deformation of the auricle

Big ears

Increasing the size of the visible part of the outer ear - the ear sink

Big earlobes

Can be an innate or acquired effect.

Congenital defects

The development of development, that is, an innate physical abnormality, which is recognized at birth, is significant enough to be considered a problem.


Visible marks on the skin formed due to the healing of deep wounds


Underdevelopment of the shape of the ear or its absence

Процесс проведения

Otoplasty. Ears plastic.



As part of a full -time consultation, a plastic surgeon finds out the patient's goal and answers in detail all questions about otoplasty. He talks about preparation, operation and rehabilitation, also discusses with the patient the region and the degree of ear correction. Before the otoplasty, general tests are prescribed, and if necessary, a cardiogram. Chronic diseases, allergies to drugs, and pregnancy are detected. The doctor may prescribe drugs and vitamins that must be taken before surgery. Two weeks before otoplasty, it is advisable to refuse smoking and alcohol.



Otoplasty in Olympus clinics is carried out only as prescribed by a doctor, in the absence of contraindications to the operation. During otoplasty, local anesthesia or general anesthesia (if necessary) is used. During the operation, the surgeon makes an incision behind the patient’s ear and conducts the necessary manipulations. The cuts are closed with the help of seams that pass without a trace. Otoplasty lasts from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the type of operation.



The rehabilitation period after surgery lasts from 1 to 3 months and consists of several stages of healing. In the first week of rehabilitation, the patient feels discomfort and wears a bandage, but within 10 days the doctor removes the overlayed seams, and edema and bruises gradually pass. General healing occurs after 2-3 weeks and the patient no longer feels discomfort in the ears. Minor pain does not interfere with the patient’s normal life if he complies with the doctor's recommendations. The expected result can be estimated 3 months after the operation (sometimes longer), when the patient comes to a second examination to a plastic surgeon. During rehabilitation, it is necessary to take drugs that the doctor prescribed to speed up the healing process and minimize the risk of repeated surgical intervention.


Otoplasty. Ears plastic.

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Малахов Александр Андреевич
Пластическая хирургия

Малахов Александр Андреевич

Врач-пластический хирург, узкопрофильный специалист в области хирургии носа. Действительный член Российского Общества Пластических Реконструктивных и Эстетических хирургов России (РОПРЭХ). Действительный член Европейского Общества Ринопластики.

Алмазов Илья Алексеевич
Пластическая хирургия

Алмазов Илья Алексеевич

Кандидат медицинских наук. Врач пластический, эстетический и реконструктивный хирург. Член ISAPS, RSE, РОПРЭХ, почетный член KSPS.

Жуманов Андрей Рудольфович
Пластическая хирургия

Жуманов Андрей Рудольфович

Кандидат медицинских наук, врач-пластический хирург, челюстно-лицевой хирург, микрохирург. Член РОПРЭХ.

Максименко Мария Александровна
Пластическая хирургия

Максименко Мария Александровна

Врач-пластический хирург. Специалист по комплексной бьютификации лица и тела.

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Otoplasty. Ears plastic.
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