Microosclerotherapy - a method of removing vascular stars, medium -sized dilated subcutaneous veins by introducing a sclerosant through a needle of small diameter.

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Noticeable vascular stars (telangioectasia) and the legs on the legs become the cause of many women to concern. As a rule, they do not affect health, but look ugly.To eliminate aesthetic defects, phlebologists Olympus clinics carry out microosclerotherapy. Special preparations - sclerosants are introduced into small extended vessels that form stars and nets.They close the vessels without affecting healthy areas, and eliminate the defect. Injections are completely painless. Restore periodontal health - sign up for a consultation on the treatment of gums in Olympus Clinic!

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Vascular stars

Extended intradermal capillaries

Small veins

The appearance of skin defects in the form of a grid

The initial stage of varicose veins

severity and fatigue in the legs, swelling of the ankles, stop and lower part of the lower leg closer to the evening

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Microosclerotherapy is considered aesthetic procedures, but it has a number of contraindications, so before its conduct, the patient needs to visit a face -to -face consultation of a phlebologist. During the inspection and comprehensive diagnosis, the specialist scans blood vessels, reveals the reasons for their expansion and draws up an individual treatment plan that takes into account the patient's characteristics. On the eve of the procedure, you need to take tests and undergo examinations.



Before starting it, the patient occupies a horizontal position, the doctor treats the skin with an antiseptic. The sclerosant is inserted into the vessel cavity using thin needles. In some cases, if the patient experiences discomfort during injections, an anesthetic is used. Injections are made slowly and neatly to avoid vein outrage. To obtain accurate data on the progress of the intervention, a phlebologist can use special equipment. After entering the vessel, the drug acts only on the stars and does not affect healthy veins. The injection site is pressed with special tampons or napkins. To completely remove vascular stars, several procedures may be required. Each of them lasts 15-30 minutes. The full course of treatment takes from one week to a month.



Microosclerotherapy does not imply long -term rehabilitation. Immediately after the procedure, the patient is worn by compression knitwear and recommend that you take a half -hour walk at a calm pace. In addition, the attending physician issues individual recommendations that must be observed at home, and set dates of planned examinations. During the course of treatment, as well as within two weeks after its completion, the patient cannot visit the bath, sauna and solarium, take hot bath, do hair removal. Skin reactions, including edema and redness, disappear gradually, along with vascular stars.



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