Endovascular laser coagulation

Evvk is a minimally invasive intervention, directed treatment of varicose veins, not requiring anesthesia, cuts and stay in the hospital.

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Varicosis is a common disease that is most often manifested in people over 30 years old. Because of it, there are aesthetic shortcomings, edema and pain in the legs.You can get rid of inflamed and protruding veins with the help of minimally invasive intervention - endovascular laser coagulation.The loser introduced into the cavity of the affected vessel will project a laser beam that soldes the veins. The endovascular method is suitable for painless removal of advanced veins, vascular lesions and trophic ulcers.

Показания и противопоказания


Uncomplicated varicose disease

loss of elasticity of veins, their expansion and violation of venous blood circulation

Trophic ulcers in the lower leg

the presence of deep defects of the cover fabrics of the lower leg or foot


Benign vascular lesions

Процесс проведения

Endovascular laser coagulation



Endovascular laser coagulation can be prescribed by a phlebologist after confrontation. To identify indications, exclude contraindications, obtain information about the anatomy of blood vessels, evaluate their patency and blood flow, as well as to draw up an individual treatment plan, the specialist conducts the study of the arteries and veins of the lower extremities. The data obtained allow you to accurately determine and label the correction zones. A few days before the procedure, you can not drink alcohol, drink anticoagulants and hormonal drugs. On the eve of Evvk, four hours before it, it is forbidden to eat food. In the place where the intervention will pass, you need to remove the hair.



Before conducting endovascular laser coagulation, a phlebologist disinfect and anesthetizes the area in which the intervention will be held. After the action of the anesthesia on the skin, a small puncture is made through which a lightover is introduced into the vein cavity. Laser radiation heats the surface of the walls of the vessel, but the main part of the energy absorbs blood. It forms vapor bubbles that affect the walls of the vein and lead to its coagulation - soldering, and, as a result, complete resorption. In most cases, endovascular laser coagulation is carried out under local anesthesia. The duration of the procedure is 30-60 minutes.



Immediately after the completion of the procedure, the patient is put on a compression stocking. It cannot be removed within five days. Then, for a month, it is worn only in the daytime. Rehabilitation after endovascular laser coagulation lasts about three to four weeks and does not have a significant effect on the patient’s daily life. Among the main restrictions and recommendations are a ban on visiting a bath and sauna, excluding serious physical exertion, refusing to heens, daily walking at a calm pace (at least two hours), including immediately after coagulation. Visiting planned examinations and compliance with recommendations minimize the risk of complications and accelerate recovery.


Endovascular laser coagulation

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Endovascular laser coagulation
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