Flebectomy is a radical method of treating varicose veins, which eliminates visible varicose veins, normalizes blood outflow, eliminates edema.

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Varicose veins of the lower extremities significantly reduces the comfort and quality of life. Due to extensive varicose veins, the legs constantly swell, there is a feeling of heaviness.Often, protruding veins cause constraint and limit a person when choosing clothes. Fortunately, these problems can be eliminated with the help of classical surgical intervention - phlebectomy.The operation allows you to cure varicose veins by removing problem veins, which account for no more than 10% of the total volume of blood flow.

Показания и противопоказания


Extensive varicose veins

soreness or feeling of severity in the legs, burning sensation, pulsation, cramps, swelling


Blood clotting - blood clot

Trophic venous ulcer

The wound on the skin and in deeper tissues of the lower leg non -healing for at least six weeks

Severity and swelling in the legs

Vessels lose their tone, overflowed with blood

Large diameter veins

accumulation of larger fluid and further stretching of veins

Violation of the outflow of blood

difficulty in the outflow of blood through the veins from the brain

Процесс проведения




Preparation for phlebectomy begins with a full-time consultation of a phlebologist. The specialist conducts an inspection, checks the absence of contraindications and appoints examinations, according to the results of which an individual treatment plan is drawn up. On the eve of surgical intervention, the patient should not be consumed by alcohol and take some drugs, it is advisable to refuse smoking. In addition, you need to remove the hair in the area where the operation will undergo. If you plan to conduct phlebectomy under anesthesia, then the patient needs to take tests and undergo a preoperative examination.



The doctor makes the cuts in the inguinal or popliteal fold. Then he crosses the section of the transition of the subcutaneous vein into deep and removes the part of the vein subject to varicose veins. After all the manipulations are completed, the wounds are sutured, small cosmetic seams remain on the patient's skin. Special compression stockings are put on their feet. Flebectomy can be carried out under general or local anesthesia. The duration of the operation depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. As a rule, it lasts from one to three hours.



The first day after phlebectomy pass under the supervision of medical personnel - in a hospital. Then the attending physician prescribes the patient, gives him a list of individual recommendations and sets the dates of examinations. Rehabilitation continues at home. Compression stockings need to be worn for three days. Removing the seams occurs on the seventh to twice day after surgery. For two to three weeks, you can not visit the bath, sauna, pool, solarium and gym, take hot baths, lift weights. The early rehabilitation period may be accompanied by the occurrence of bruises in the place where the vein was removed. They pass in a couple of days, but seals in the field of intervention are preserved for up to three weeks. Two months after the operation, an obligatory inspection is carried out, including ultrasound of the vessels.

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