Correction of menopause problems

The onset of menopause is often accompanied by a number of physical and mental manifestations unpleasant for a woman. The gynecologist will choose therapy, which can relieve or completely eliminate the symptoms.

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The extinction of a childbearing function in women is a special stage at which it is necessary to devote time to health and well -being.The menopause at the age of 40-45 years is accompanied by various symptoms that affect general well-being and interfere with a normal lifestyle.For Olympus specialists, there is nothing impossible! Any symptoms are treated, especially under the supervision of experienced gynecologists. If you want to compete with age -related changes in the body and soften the menopause, then sign up for consultation with our doctors!

Показания и противопоказания


Violation of the menstrual cycle

Irregular, meager, long or rare menstruation


Cessation of menstruation

Arrives of heat

Diseases of the reproductive, endocrine, nervous or cardiovascular system


Sensation of cold, accompanied by muscle yeast


Mental disorder, accompanied by a decrease in the briefcase, the rvent of thinking.

Drowsiness and weakness

Increased fatigue

Процесс проведения

Correction of menopause problems



At a full -time consultation, the doctor evaluates the patient's health and gives recommendations for relief of menopause symptoms. Then he directs to hormonal, immunological studies, ultrasound, excludes gynecological diseases.



The treatment is carried out by a highly qualified gynecologist-endocrinologist with a long experience. He prescribes comprehensive treatment according to the results of the diagnosis and monitors changes for a certain time. As a rule, menopause is treated with hormonal drugs, depending on the individual problem of the patient.


Correction of menopause problems

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Correction of menopause problems
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