Blefaroplasty of the lower eyelids

Blefaroplasty of the lower eyelids is aimed at changing the shape, cut of the eyes, removal of hernial bags. The operation creates the effect of a lift, the eye area looks more young and attractive.

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Blefaroplasty of the lower eyelids is a sparing surgical methodology of aesthetic correction of the periorbital zone. It consists in laring the lower eyelid with the removal or reduction of adipose tissue, excess skin.The area of ​​correction, the volume of intervention and the methodology of the operation (transcon -jumetal, classic) experimental plastic surgeons “Olympus Clinic” are determined individually, taking into account age, severity of changes, the patient's appearance and wishes.This can significantly reduce the time of operation and perform the necessary aesthetic correction in full. The result will be pronounced and persistent without traces of surgical exposure.

Показания и противопоказания


Malar bags

Pronounced bags under the eyes

Fat hernias of the eyelids

Excess paraorbital fat

Malar hernias

Excess skin in the lower eyelids

Wrinkles around the eyes

Deep folds in the lower eyelid and in the corners of the eyes

The inversion of the century

West in the lower eyelids

Periorbital dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes

Процесс проведения

Blefaroplasty of the lower eyelids


Consultation before the operation

During the initial consultation, a plastic surgeon examines the patient. Indications for aesthetic operation are determined only by the doctor. If necessary, surgical intervention begins to prepare for the planned operation, comprehensive diagnosis is carried out. A few days before the planned date of the operation based on the results of the examination, the patient meets an anesthesiologist for the individual selection of anesthesia.


Plastic surgery

The operation can be carried out on an outpatient basis without the need to place in a hospital. To perform the intervention, both general anesthesia and local anesthesia are used. The lower eyelid plastic takes about 40-60 minutes. With transcon -yuppival blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids, the surgeon performs manipulations through microdistles along the inner surface of the eyelids. Having gained access to periorbital fat, the doctor carefully extracts excess adipose tissue. Suture material is not used, since the mucous membrane heals very quickly. There are no traces of intervention. After the operation, a cold pressing bandage is applied and medical personnel are watching the patient's condition. An extract occurs, as a rule, immediately on the day of the operation.


Postoperative period

Rehabilitation on average is about 1 month. After plastics, bruises under the eyes are possible, swelling, which usually pass on 4-7 days. A prerequisite for successful restoration is compliance with the doctor’s recommendations: it is necessary to limit physical activity and not make sharp inclinations, reduce the load on the eyes (use gadgets, work at the computer, watching the TV), do not sunbathe, do not visit the bathhouse, sauna, pool, and also Temporarily refuse to wear contact lenses. Be sure to put dark glasses to protect your eyes from dust getting into any weather when going out into any weather.


Blefaroplasty of the lower eyelids

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Blefaroplasty of the lower eyelids
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