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Laser hair removal on the Candela machine

Aleksandrite laser hair removal on the Candela Gentlelase Pro-U apparatus due to point heating and lesions of hair follicles provides removal of up to 95% of the hair under active growth.

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Laser hair removal on the Candela machine

Tired of regular shaving? Pinpoint laser exposure to the bulb in the phase of active growth leads to the destruction of the hair follicle and the cessation of hair growth.

Ожидаемый эффект

Smooth skin

Radiant skin without facial and body hair

No growth of unwanted hair

Long-lasting smooth skin effect



During the consultation, the doctor evaluates your skin and hair type, and also discusses your expectations and goals from laser hair removal. Before the procedure, it is important to avoid sunburn and sunburn for several weeks, as well as not to use hair removal methods that pull out the roots of the hair (for example, tweezers or wax).



During the procedure, the doctor uses the Candela device, which emits a laser light effect on the hair follicles. The laser energy is directed to the melanin contained in the hair and converted into heat, which destroys the hair follicles and prevents their growth. The procedure may cause a slight burning or redness.



After the procedure, your skin may be reddened and slightly inflamed. This is a normal skin reaction and usually the condition returns to normal within a few hours. You will need to avoid the sun's rays and use sunscreen. The results are not always immediately visible. It usually takes several sessions, divided into intervals of several weeks, to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Candela Gentlelase PRO-U

Candela Gentlelase Pro-U is an ideal solution for laser hair hair removal and age removal on the skin. A thought -out interface that combines speed and power in work and unique characteristics allow you to achieve the results that are superior to all expectations. The Alexander Laser has long gained trust among the best cosmetologists around the world due to reliability and simplicity in operation.

Candela Gentlelase PRO-U

Aesthetics, safety and efficiency are our main guidelines

The cosmetology department is based on highly effective hardware methods combined with diagnostics and medicinal nutraceutical support according to individual indications.

Aesthetics, safety and efficiency are our main guidelines
Olymp Clinic cosmetologists are international level specialists

Olymp Clinic cosmetologists are international level specialists

The department is distinguished by the high expertise of its doctors, who have mastered innovative techniques for restoring and improving the structure of the skin, as well as its rejuvenation at the genetic level.

Large fleet of original equipment from the world's leading manufacturers

Large fleet of original equipment from the world's leading manufacturers

A comprehensive rejuvenation program and secular beauty protocols are drawn up individually for each patient to make the skin healthy, elastic and radiant, to correct vascular malformations, pigmentation, wrinkles, and scars.

Interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment

Interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment

Commitment to the principles of evidence-based medicine, compliance with world standards of quality and safety, cooperation with the largest state research medical centers and leading laboratories in Russia is our key advantage.

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Комфортабельные палаты для вашего скорейшего выздоровления

Преимущества операции


Absence of unpleasant sensations during the procedure


Reliable and certified equipment


Regardless of the epilation zone. The lasting result remains both after epilation in ordinary areas (arms / legs / bikinis) and non—standard ones - for example, on the chest or neck

The speed of the procedure

The procedure is fast. The patient does not need to spend several hours being in an uncomfortable position in a chair

Показания и противопоказания

Desire to get rid of hair on the body

Getting rid of unwanted vegetation on the body

Tendency to grow hairs

Changing hair growth


Excess hair growth

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Laser hair removal on the Candela machine
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