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Prostheses on implants

Prosthetics on implants is an innovative method of restoring missing teeth. With a large loss of teeth, systems with an instant load are considered effective: all on 4 and all on 6. The patient immediately receives a beautiful smile and functional teeth.

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Prostheses on implants

The absence of a tooth leads to a change in bite, bone atrophy, aesthetic defects. These problems can be avoided with the help of timely prosthetics of teeth.

Olymp Clinic Dental Department

Olymp Clinic Dental Department

Dentistry in Voronezh in Olymp Clinic and orthodontists, orthopaedists, therapists and surgeons provide comprehensive treatment and elimination of aesthetic imperfections.

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Expected effect

Restoring dental function

The prosthesis allows you to chew your food comfortably

Healthy teeth

The absence of one tooth can lead to mobility of neighboring teeth. Treatment will restore a full set of teeth

A beautiful smile

Dentures fill in missing teeth and make for a healthy, attractive smile

Speech improvement

Dentures can improve your speech skills, making the pronunciation of words clearer

Consultation before installing prostheses on implants

Consultation before installing prostheses on implants

During the consultation, the orthodontist will ask about your medical history, inspect the oral cavity, and take an X-ray to assess the condition of the jaw bone tissue. The doctor will also talk about the implantation procedure, possible risks and benefits.

Procedure for installing prostheses on implants

Procedure for installing prostheses on implants

The surgeon installs an implant in the jaw bone. The healing process can take several months, during which the implant integrates with the bone tissue (osseointegration). After healing, the doctor installs a prosthesis, which can be a crown, bridge or removable prosthesis.

Care after the installation of prostheses on implants

Care after the installation of prostheses on implants

Regular visits to the dentist for professional cleaning and examination will help to maintain the good condition of the implants and the oral mucosa. Proper hygiene, including brushing teeth and dentures, will help prevent the development of inflammatory processes and maintain gum health.

Benefits of the service

Long-term validity

With proper care, your dentures will last you for years to come

Fast production

Unlike alternative methods like dental implants

Individual approach

Unique prosthesis design for each patient

High tolerance rate of the method

If denture care tips are followed and regular visits to the dentist are made

Indications and contraindications

Lack of teeth

Missing one or more teeth

Dental defects

Installation of a variety of designs, depending on the clinical situation

Fracture of the crown

Significant or complete destruction of the crown of the tooth

Improved functionality

Implants can improve chewing function and help maintain facial structure and jaw shape.

Lack of sufficient bone density and volume for implant placement
Poor general health of the patient, which interferes with the surgical procedure or healing after it
Incorrect bite or misaligned teeth that require correction prior to placement
Allergies to metal and other materials that make up the structure
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Abdumavlanov Azamat Abdulievich
Abdumavlanov Azamat Abdulievich

Dentist-surgeon, implantologist, periodontist.

Gvozdeva Anastasia Vladimirovna
Gvozdeva Anastasia Vladimirovna

A dentist-surgeon, candidate of medical Sciences, specializes in implantology, periodontology.

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All on 6

Implantation of all on 6 is an effective alternative to removable prostheses. The essence of the method is to install four artificial implants on one jaw with subsequent fixation of a fixed prosthesis on them.

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The Marco Ross Apparatus

The Marco Ross device is a non-removable orthodontic system that is used to expand the upper jaw in children. The palatal structure consists of metal rings, appendages and other elements that the orthodontist uses depending on the indications.

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Atraumatic removal of wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical operation to extract the third molar from the dental alveoli. The peculiarity of the intervention is the difficulty of access, especially to the roots of the eights.

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Exit 3 from the metro and 640 meters straight ahead, the clinic will be on the right. Landmark - sign Olymp Clinic

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Prostheses on implants
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