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Treatment of vulvar diseases

Vulvar diseases, including chronic fissures, sclerotrophic lichen and other dermatological conditions. We offer modern and effective treatment methods aimed at reducing symptoms and restoring the normal condition of the vulva skin.

Treatment of vulvar diseases

Scleroatrophic lichen is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by loss of elasticity and thinning of the skin. Chronic vulvar fissures are often a consequence of this disease, as well as mechanical damage.

Preparation for the treatment of vulvar diseases

Preparation for the treatment of vulvar diseases

During the consultation, the gynecologist examines the patient. A comprehensive diagnosis is prescribed: dermatological examination, biopsy, if necessary, and other studies to accurately diagnose and determine the stage of the disease.

Treatment of vulvar diseases

Treatment of vulvar diseases

Treatment may include the use of topical corticosteroids, emollients (moisturizers) to repair the skin, as well as, if necessary, immunomodulatory drugs. To improve the condition of the skin, you can resort to physiotherapy methods: laser treatment and UFOs. In extreme cases, surgical correction of atrophied skin areas may be required.

Recommendations after the treatment of vulvar diseases

Recommendations after the treatment of vulvar diseases

After treatment, individual doctor's recommendations must be followed, which may include the use of moisturizers and anti-inflammatory drugs, avoiding factors that contribute to skin irritation, as well as regular checkups to monitor the condition.

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Maivandi Elena Dmitrievna
Maivandi Elena Dmitrievna

Doctor of the highest category, surgical obstetrician-gynaecologist specialising in anti-age and bioregenerative medicine, oncologist

Indications and contraindications

Chronic vulvar fissures

Non-healing skin lesions that cause discomfort and soreness.

Scleroatrophic lichen

A chronic skin disease accompanied by thinning and whitish spots on the skin of the vulva.

Constant itching and burning

Symptoms that significantly reduce the quality of life and contribute to the development of anxiety and depression.

The risk of complications

Including a violation of the microflora and inflammatory processes in the vulva.

Comfortable rooms for your speedy recovery

Expected effect

Reduction of symptoms

Significant reduction of itching, soreness and discomfort in the vulva area.

Restoring the integrity of the skin

The treatment is aimed at healing cracks and restoring the normal structure of the skin.

Prevention of complications

Preventing the progression of the disease and the development of possible complications.

Improving the quality of life

Restoration of comfort and confidence, improvement of the patient's psychological state.

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PRP-therapy with plasma in gynecology

The use of plasmotherapy in gynecology helps eliminate dryness, atrophy of the vaginal mucosa by activating cell regeneration, collagen synthesis, and pulling the intercellular fluid.

Hardware treatment of gynecological diseases

The hardware treatment with radio wave and laser therapy method allows you to cope with a number of gynecological pathologies without surgery: condylomas, polyps, cysts and others.

Injection of gel into the G-spot

G-spot gel injection is a procedure to enlarge the G-spot by injecting hyaluronic acid to enhance sensitivity during sexual intercourse.

Vulvoscopy and colposcopy

Vulvoscopy and colposcopy are instrumental gynecological studies that help to identify and disarm in the early stages of the pathology of the female genital organs.


Hymenoplasty is an operation to restore virginity, during which the remains of the hymen (hymen) are stitched together.

Gynecological examination

A gynecological examination and performing operations is possible in small -traumatic ways without the use of anesthesia, which allows them to be carried out on an outpatient basis.

Benefits of the service

Targeted treatment

The use of specialized drugs and techniques for the treatment of vulvar diseases.

Minimizing side effects

The use of medications with minimal risk of side effects.

Comprehensive recovery

The inclusion in the treatment program of measures to restore the functions of the skin and its protective properties.

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Exit 3 from the metro and 640 meters straight ahead, the clinic will be on the right. Landmark - sign Olymp Clinic

From st. Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya, turn right to the Olympic Avenue. In the right lane, after 80 meters, you need to turn to the barrier “Car Wash”

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Treatment of vulvar diseases
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