Treatment of skin defects VBEAM

"Wine spots", rosacea, hyperpigmentation, rosacea – these changes in the skin of the face and body can be removed using a Vbeam laser. This procedure is practically painless, and does not require rehabilitation.

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Vascular skin diseases can occur in any person. Dyschromia, rosacea, rosacea, “wine spots”, hemangiomas or vascular defects do not allow to look at themselves with love?Treatment of VBEAM defects in Olympus Clinic - effective elimination of skin diseases. VBEAM is suitable for the treatment of vascular defects, hemangiomas, “wine spots”, age disorders, rosacea, diffuse redness.Get rid of vascular lesions - sign up for the treatment of defects with VBEAM laser in Olympus Clinic!

Prescriptions and contraindications


Violation of skin pigmentation (dyschromia)

Violation of skin coloring associated with the pathology of the synthesis of melanin and other pigments

Diffuse redness (rosacea)

Violation of blood microcirculation


Vascular defects


A benign tumor


Expansion of small and surface vessels of the skin of the face

"Wine spots"

Vascular moles

Service procedure

Treatment of skin defects VBEAM



As part of a full -time consultation with a cosmetologist, all issues related to the treatment of defects by the VBEAM laser are discussed. The doctor talks in detail about the procedure and rehabilitation. Depending on the testimony and wishes of the patient, the volume and area of ​​correction are determined. Preparation for treatment involves a temporary rejection of drugs that contribute to photosensitization of the skin. On the eve of the procedure, you cannot sunbathe.



Treatment of VBEAM defects in Olympus clinics is performed only as prescribed by the doctor, provided that the patient did not reveal contraindications. At the request of the patient, local anesthesia can be used, usually it is not required. The duration of the procedure depends on the volume and area of ​​treatment.



After the treatment of VBEAM defects in Olympus, the patient needs to follow the recommendations received from a cosmetologist at home. Cold compresses should be applied during the day. A visit to the solarium, baths and saunas is prohibited for a month. The final result can be evaluated after the completion of the full course of procedures.

The service is done using Vbeam Candela Perfecta

VBEAM Perfecta is the most progressive and safe device to eliminate most vascular facial lesions. Due to the wide range of laser according to clinical, we showed convenient operational characteristics, the device has long been in demand among dermatologists around the world.

Vbeam Candela Perfecta


Treatment of skin defects VBEAM

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Emelyanova Tatyana Georgievna

Emelyanova Tatyana Georgievna

Deputy Chief Physician for hardware cosmetology "Olymp Clinic". Cosmetologist, expert in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine.

Koroleva Irina Valerievna

Koroleva Irina Valerievna

Cosmetologist. Certified clinical trainer of CANDELA company.

Borisenko Yana Yurievna

Borisenko Yana Yurievna

Dermatovenereologist, cosmetologist. Leading specialist in contouring and injection techniques, as well as hardware technologies.

Dubrovskaya Anastasia Vladimirovna

Dubrovskaya Anastasia Vladimirovna

Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist. Member of the Society of Dermatovenerologists and Cosmetologists named after A.I. Pospelov. Specialist in SPRS therapy.

Lomaka Irina Borisovna

Lomaka Irina Borisovna

Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, trichologist, certified trainer of the company "Phitogen" on injection techniques.

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Treatment of skin defects VBEAM
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