Gynecomastia is a pathology of the chest glands that brings men physical and aesthetic discomfort. A plastic surgeon will help to find out the causes and develop correction methods.

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Gynecomastia is not such a harmless disease that it might seem at first glance. There can be many reasons for increasing the mammary glands in men, including obesity, but this disease can even affect the athlete. The gynecomastia has two varieties: pathological and false.In the first case, breast augmentation occurs due to the growth of glandular tissue according to the “female type”, in the second-due to local fat deposits. Often the cause of gynecomastia is hormonal diseases, metabolic disorders, impaired liver function.If you want to know the cause of the gynecomastia and change the appearance of the chest, sign up for a consultation at the Olympus Clinic. Our doctors will gladly help you cure gynecomastia and return a beautiful shape.

Prescriptions and contraindications


Breast adenosis

Pathologically increased form of the mammary glands

Discharge from the nipples

The expiration of the secret is observed with inflammatory processes of the mammary glands, benign and malignant tumors, pathologies of the endocrine system

Boil glands

One -sided or bilateral pain in the chest

The presence of neoplasms

Newly formed tissues with a changed genetic apparatus of cells

Dissatisfaction with the appearance

The desire to get rid of the breeding of the mammary glands

Suspicion of cancer

Aggressive tumor that grows rapidly without treatment and spreads metastases

Service procedure




At a full -time administration, the doctor examines the patient and directs the necessary tests to obtain an accurate result and detect ginkomastia in the patient. Some types of diagnostics can be made on the day of consultation, according to an individual preference. According to the results of diagnostic studies, the specialist determines the presence of gynecomastia in the patient. Further, it reports the cause of the disease and offers the client a treatment method. Gynecomastia can be treated with a medication (if the causes of the disease are hormonal), in other cases, the patient is prepared for surgery or liposuction (in the absence of contraindications). The doctor determines the type of operation together with the patient and in detail talks about preparing for surgical intervention.



Operation or liposuction for the correction of gynecomastia in Olympus clinics is prescribed by a doctor. Surgical intervention requires the preparation of the patient and passing all the necessary tests. Before the operation, you can not eat in 8 hours and drink water in 3 hours. It is necessary to remove vegetation from the breast zone in order to reduce the risk of infection of postoperative wounds. The operation is performed under general anesthesia (sometimes under local), it lasts 1-2 hours, depending on the individual problem of the patient. After anesthesia begins to act, the doctor makes the cuts around the nipples or above them, then removes unnecessary skin and fat. With the endoscopic method, cuts are made in axillary areas, which allows not to injure the areola of the nipples.



After surgery, surgeons recommend staying in the hospital for 2-3 days so that the healing goes quickly and painlessly. You need to follow all the recommendations: take antibacterial and analgesic drugs, wear compression underwear. Physical activity should be excluded for a month and not allowing injuries to the chest area.



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Snigir Oleg Olegovich
Plastic surgery

Snigir Oleg Olegovich

Plastic surgeon, highly specialized specialist in the field of body surgery. The author of a unique technique of invisible stealth sutures and accelerated rehabilitation. Innovator in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Maksimenko Maria Alexandrovna
Plastic surgery

Maksimenko Maria Alexandrovna

Plastic surgeon. Specialist in complex face and body beatification.

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