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Surgery of the fist

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Arthrodesis of the joints of the fingers of the hand

The destruction of the joints of the fingers of the hand is accompanied by pronounced pain and impaired functions. Arthrodesis is a surgical intervention in which the affected joint is completely immobilized, which relieves pain and progression of inflammation.

Arthroscopic revision of the cystic joint

Its possibility of functioning depends on the condition of the joints of the brush. Before surgery on the joints of the brush, it is important to conduct an athoscopic diagnosis, which will give an accurate idea of ​​the condition of the joint tissue.

Osteosynthesis of the bones of the fingers of the hand

The osteosynthesis of the bones of the fingers of the hand due to the comparison and fixation of the ends of the fragments ensures rapid rehabilitation and proper fusion.

Osteosynthesis of the bone of the wrist

The pathologies of the wrist joint are engaged in pathologies of the wrist joint. With damage to the bones, it will perform the osteosynthesis procedure.

Fabulous surface of the joint of the finger

The function of the fingers of the hand depends on the condition of the joints. In some diseases or injuries, they are destroyed and lose their usual function. Operation on plastic joint surgery will help to return performance to the fingers.

Zavolovich Julia Dmitrievna
Surgery of the fist
Zavolovich Julia Dmitrievna

Hand surgeon, plastic surgeon, microsurgeon. Specialist in the field of reconstructive plastic surgery, osteosynthesis, sports medicine.

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Surgery of the fist
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