Surgical correction of the nasal septum to improve nasal breathing and correct a limited number of natural defects.

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The nasal septum consists of bone and cartilage. Each part can have various types of curvature, both congenital and acquired. This often leads to difficulty in nasal breathing, exacerbation of chronic diseases of the nasal mucosa and sinuses, and snoring.The plastic surgeons at the Olymp Clinic use diagnostic methods such as computerised tomography and/or endoscopy to accurately determine the localisation and type of septal deviation. This is the basis for deciding on the treatment tactics for the patient; which parts of the septum can be removed without damaging the health and which parts need to be reinforced or reconstructed to obtain the required treatment results. Our surgeons are familiar with all modern methods of working on the nasal septum, including endoscopic techniques. The right choice of treatment tactics can significantly reduce the time of surgery, reduce the risk of damage to surrounding tissues, and facilitate the patient's rehabilitation process.In order to maximise the effect of treatment and open up the breathing capacity of patients, our doctors combine sertoplasty with operations on the inferior and middle nasal cones.

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Nasal breathing disorder

Nasal septal deformities, bullae, nasal hypertrophy

Aesthetic defects

For example, curvatures

Smell disorder associated with nasal breathing problems

Chronic diseases of the ENT organs

Sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, otitis media

Allergic illnesses that cannot be treated with medication

Малахов Александр Андреевич
Пластическая хирургия

Малахов Александр Андреевич

Врач-пластический хирург, узкопрофильный специалист в области хирургии носа. Действительный член Российского Общества Пластических Реконструктивных и Эстетических хирургов России (РОПРЭХ). Действительный член Европейского Общества Ринопластики.

Алмазов Илья Алексеевич
Пластическая хирургия

Алмазов Илья Алексеевич

Кандидат медицинских наук. Врач пластический, эстетический и реконструктивный хирург. Член ISAPS, RSE, РОПРЭХ, почетный член KSPS.

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