Radio frequency lifting Thermage

The method of deep lifting of all areas: from the upper and lower eyelids, decollete and face, to the neck and chin area through exposure to radio frequency energy.

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The technique of lifting, thanks to which radio frequencies affect the deep layers of the skin, but do not damage it. The procedure has a pronounced anti-aging effect, and also allows the body to regain youth without complications and long-term rehabilitation. Active formation of new collagen and strengthening of the dermis occurs within six months after the session. And although the first positive changes can be noticed immediately after the procedure, the process of skin rejuvenation after the "Thermage" procedure will progress gradually and expressive results can be seen in 4-6 months.

Показания и противопоказания


Loss of skin elasticity

Loss of skin elasticity

The second chin

Accumulation of adipose tissue in the corner between the lower jaw and neck

Flabby skin on the abdomen, arms, thighs

Accumulation of adipose tissue in the abdomen, arms and thighs


Visible lowering of the edge of the upper eyelid due to a violation of its mobility.

Stretch marks

Atrophy of the skin with localization in the places of its greatest stretching

Процесс проведения

Radio frequency lifting Thermage



As part of a face-to-face consultation with a cosmetologist, all issues related to Thermage are discussed. The doctor tells in detail about the procedure and rehabilitation. Depending on the indications and wishes of the patient, the area of exposure is determined.



Thermage in Olymp Clinic is performed only as prescribed by a doctor, provided that the patient has not been identified contraindications. Before the procedure, the doctor cleanses the face, applies a small marking in the impact zone



The procedure does not require a rehabilitation period, exposure to radio frequency energy occurs deep inside, the skin surface remains intact.

Услуга проводится с применением оборудования Thermage

Radiofrequency lifting (thermal lifting)



Radio frequency lifting Thermage

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Борисенко Яна Юрьевна

Борисенко Яна Юрьевна

Врач-дерматовенеролог, косметолог. Ведущий специалист по контурной пластике и инъекционным методикам, а так же аппаратным технологиям.

Ломака Ирина Борисовна

Ломака Ирина Борисовна

Врач-дерматовенеролог, косметолог, трихолог, сертифицированный тренер компании «Phitogen» по инъекционным методикам.

Северова Анна Геннадьевна

Северова Анна Геннадьевна

Врач - дерматовенеролог, косметолог, эндокринолог. Специалист в области anti-age медицины, SPRS-терапии, аппаратной и инъекционной косметологии.

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Radio frequency lifting Thermage
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