Consultative reception of a surgeon

Surgeon-conducts primary patients with pain in the abdomen. The surgeon also takes patients who exclude diseases of the therapeutic profile.

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If you have diseases of the abdominal organs, gallstone disease, hernia, breast diseases and others, then the surgeon in the Olympus clinics will conduct high -quality diagnosis, draw up an optimal treatment plan, and if necessary will prescribe a minimally invasive surgery.Modern methods of conducting operations allow patients to lead a normal lifestyle almost immediately after surgery. In special cases, the patient may remain in the Olympus Clinic hospital for several days and be under the supervision of a doctor.Any disease and its symptoms must be treated at the first stages. An experienced surgeon will help you with this, who correctly diagnoses the disease and helps to get rid of health problems. Sign up for a consultation with a surgeon at the Olympus Clinic so as not to delay the disease!

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Disease of the liver, gall bladder and bile ducts characterized by the formation of stones in these organs


A disease in which the organs leave the places they occupy in the body normally

Breast diseases

Development anomalies, tumors, inflammation

Abdominal cyst

Filled pathological cavity in the abdominal area


Grown nails

Diastasis in women

The divergence of the inner edges of the rectus abdominal muscles

Процесс проведения

Consultative reception of a surgeon



At the consultation, the surgeon finds out what complaints the patient has, then examines him and prescribes tests. Depending on the clinical case, the surgeon gives recommendations and selects the therapy method that allows you to effectively cure the disease. If it is necessary to perform an operation, for example, when the patient has a hernia, then after conducting diagnostic studies, the surgeon chooses the method of surgical intervention and talks in detail about preparation for the operation.



The advantage of consulting a surgeon in Olympus Clinic is the presence of the latest modern equipment for diagnosis of patients. Surgery doctors use diagnostic methods that do not cause discomfort. If the patient needs an operation, then he may be sure that the doctor will offer a minimally invasive method of conducting an operation that provides the least intervention in the body and rapid rehabilitation.


Consultative reception of a surgeon

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Consultative reception of a surgeon
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