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Surgical treatment of snoring

Obstructive apnea syndrome is a pathology, accompanied by snoring. One of the most effective treatment methods is surgical.

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Surgical treatment of snoring

Maxillofacial surgeons of Olympus Clinics simultaneously use complementary methods of respiratory recovery - rhinosurgery, orthognathic surgery and soft tissue plastic surgery

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Improving sleep quality

Healthy and sound sleep

Improving well-being

Elimination of discomfort associated with snoring



As part of the consultation, the maxillofacial surgeon conducts an examination and examination of the patient. Diagnostics allows you to determine the cause of snoring. After receiving the results of the examination, a medical consultation can take place, at which specialists of different profiles – a maxillofacial surgeon, an orthodontist and an otorhinolaryngologist will determine the most effective method of treating snoring.



On the eve of surgery, the patient undergoes a preoperative examination, which includes the delivery of tests, nasopharyngeal examination, chest CT or fluorography, ECG. In the absence of contraindications to the treatment of snoring, the maxillofacial surgeon performs an operation during which complementary surgical techniques for restoring breathing are used - rhinosurgery, orthognathic surgery and soft tissue plastic surgery.



Often, after a few hours after the operation, the patient can go home. Rehabilitation lasts about two to three weeks. It does not imply significant restrictions that change the daily lifestyle, but for this period it is necessary to exclude spicy and acidic foods from your diet, as well as limit physical activity.

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Преимущества операции

Treatment of the disease

Restoration of normal and trouble-free breathing

Показания и противопоказания

Uncomplicated snoring

simple snoring, which is not accompanied by restrictions on the air respiratory flow

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

A sharp decrease or complete respiration stop during sleep

Snoring caused by hypertrophy of a soft palate or tongue

increased size, discomfort

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Surgical treatment of snoring

Obstructive apnea syndrome is a pathology, accompanied by snoring. One of the most effective treatment methods is surgical.

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Surgical treatment of snoring
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