Surgical treatment of prolapse (prolapse) of the vaginal mucosa

At the initial stages of the vaginal omission, an effective, non -human treatment method is the use of the Prolaplase Fotona methodology.

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Opinations of the walls of the vagina are a common problem that more than 50% of women faces. Often its cause is menopause, as well as severe birth. Prolapse provokes a number of unpleasant symptoms: pain and discomfort, frequent urge to urination, urinary incontinence. In the initial stages, you can cope with this problem with non -surgical methods.The innovative technology of Prolaplase Fotona is aimed at restoring the elasticity and density of the walls of the vagina. The laser reduces their sagging, increases the thickness of the submucosal layer, returns the vaginal normal shape.Timely use of Prolaplase Fotona allows us to eliminate the consequences of prolapse and prevent the need for surgical intervention. The Olympus clinic uses an exclusively original technique using the Fotona laser system.

Показания и противопоказания


Prolapse of the walls of the vagina

Opinations of the genitals in a woman

Owl of the front or posterior wall of the vagina

Changing the position of the walls of the vagina associated with a violation of the functioning of supporting structures

Postpartum prolapse

Uterine prolapse after childbirth

Stress urinary incontinence

Involuntary urine allocation caused by stress

Процесс проведения

Surgical treatment of prolapse (prolapse) of the vaginal mucosa



The technique requires mandatory preliminary consultation. The doctor listens to the patient’s complaints, examines it, takes strokes and directs it to the ultrasound. If we are talking about the initial stage of the prolapse, the gynecologist recommends Prolaplase Fotona technology, tells all its nuances. The procedure does not require preparation. The only restriction is that it is not done during menstruation. Please note that if the stage of prolapse is quite serious, laser techniques are ineffective. Then the doctor will send the patient to the surgeon.



Treatment of the prolapse of the walls of the vagina according to the technology of ProLaplaase Fotona is a quick and comfortable procedure that does not cause pain. It takes up to 30 minutes. It is possible to use local anesthesia in the form of analgesic cream. In the process of the session, the doctor can act on the front, rear, side walls of the vagina. The principle of operation of the device is their delicate heating. Due to this, the vaginal channel is narrowed without tissue removal, unpleasant symptoms disappear and the synthesis of collagen fibers is activated. The procedure is carried out by a course of 3-4 sessions with an interval of 1 month. With each visit to the gynecologist, the effect will increase. The final result can be evaluated after passing the course.



Prolaplase Fotona laser treatment is a delicate technique that does not imply injuries and damage. Therefore, it does not imply rehabilitation and restrictions. The only thing is that for 3 days it is worth observing sexual rest.

Услуга проводится с применением оборудования Fotona

The Fotona device has a wide range of application. A unique system can perform facial rejuvenation, laser grinding of scars, stretch marks, scars, get rid of acne, post -acne, and pigmentation sections. Used for coagulation of telangiectasias. The azure ray penetrates into the layers of the dermis to a given depth. Similarly, the effect on the desired layer of fabrics.



Surgical treatment of prolapse (prolapse) of the vaginal mucosa

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Surgical treatment of prolapse (prolapse) of the vaginal mucosa
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