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Injection treatment of atrophy of the vaginal mucosa

Atrophy of the vaginal mucosa is a condition that is accompanied by sensations of dryness, burning, pain during intercourse.

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Injection treatment of atrophy of the vaginal mucosa

Our specialists will eliminate inflammatory conditions of the vagina, prolapse of the wall, microflora disorders, and also restore the joy of sexual life.

Ожидаемый эффект

Elimination of unpleasant sensations

Reducing discomfort during sexual intercourse, reducing the risk of trauma to the mucous membrane, moisturizing the vagina.

Restoring tissue elasticity

The growth of connective tissue fibers is stimulated. The walls of the vagina become stronger and thicker.

Normalization of general condition

Elimination of the inflammatory condition of the vagina, prolapse of the wall, microflora disorders.



If there are complaints, the patient should visit a gynecologist for consultation. The doctor recommends a suitable technique based on the symptoms. It is important to first undergo a series of examinations, including ultrasound, to ensure that there are no diseases that require treatment. Laser treatment RenovaLase Fotona is prescribed for the initial stages of atrophy. If it is already quite advanced, the gynecologist will refer you to a surgeon.



Treatment of mucosal atrophy using the RenovaLase Fotona method is a fast and comfortable method for the patient. It takes no more than 30 minutes, and during the process you will not encounter any pain or discomfort. Local anesthesia may be used. Using a laser, the doctor acts on specific areas of the mucous membrane. As a result, it is restored, the walls of the vagina gain tone, firmness and elasticity. The procedure fights the cause of atrophy. It is carried out in a course that includes 3-4 sessions with an interval of 1 month. You can evaluate the final result at the end of the course.



Treatment with the RenovaLase Fotona laser is a safe, non-traumatic technique that does not involve any damage. Therefore, there is no rehabilitation after the procedure - immediately after visiting the gynecologist, you can return to your normal lifestyle. The only thing is that sexual contact is prohibited for 3 days.

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Преимущества операции

Long term effect

Atrophy of the vaginal mucosa involves thinning and dryness. Injection treatment helps to get rid of dryness and burning in the vagina for a long time.

Restoring your sex life

Atrophy negatively affects sensations during intimacy. Our specialists will help resolve this problem.

Показания и противопоказания

Atrophy of the vaginal mucosa

Thinning of the vaginal mucosa

Atrophic colpitis

Dryness and burning in the vagina

Preparation for surgical intervention or rehabilitation after it with serious stages of atrophy

Indication for surgical intervention or its conduct

Discomfort for sexual intercourse

Discomfort during intimacy, pain in the lower abdomen

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Injection treatment of atrophy of the vaginal mucosa
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