Treatment of urinary incontinence

Urination in women is a common complaint, with age the number of cases increases. This problem is radically solved by minimally invasive surgical TVT-mixing.

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From the urine incontinence the urine collides from 30 to 50% of women giving birth. This number increases to 60% of the period of the onset of menopause. Stress incontinence is caused by two interconnected processes: damage to the ligaments holding the uterus, bladder, urethra, and weakness of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Moreover, a decrease in the tone of the muscles of the vagina and the diaphragm of the pelvis leads to the lowering of the walls of the vagina, the uterus.Among the predisposing factors in the development of this pathology: a large number of genera through natural birth canal, overweight, diabetes mellitus, menopause, genitourinary infection, heredity, smoking, constipation, weight lifting. The main techniques of surgical intervention, which allow you to get rid of urinary incontinence, include minimally invasive sling operations.This is the installation of a synthetic loop that is free from tension, which, with any physical exertion, supports the urethra in the correct position. Minimally invasive functional gynecology in Olympus Clinic can significantly reduce the time of surgical intervention, eliminate the cause of the pathology, reduce the risk of tissue damage and accelerate the patient rehabilitation process.

Показания и противопоказания


Acquired stress incontinence

Involuntary urine allocation caused by stress

The rapid progression of pathology

Development of the disease with high speed

Inefficiency of conservative therapy

The effect can be short -term and unstable.

Процесс проведения

Treatment of urinary incontinence


Consultation before the operation

During the initial consultation, a gynecologist-surgeon conducts a clinical examination of the patient. A comprehensive diagnosis is prescribed since incontinence is not an independent disease. This pathology is manifested in the symptom complex of other disorders in the body: diseases of the bladder, stress. High -precision diagnostics in Olympus Clinic includes a general urine analysis, urological tests (bacteric, sowing urine on microflora), urofloometry, cystoscopy, ultrasound of the bladder, and an MRI of the lumbar spine. Indications for a gynecological operation are determined only by a doctor after an objective diagnosis. If necessary, surgical intervention begins to prepare for a planned operation. A few days before the planned date of the operation based on the results of the examination, the patient meets an anesthesiologist for the individual selection of anesthesia.


Gynecological surgery

Hospitalization takes place in the morning on the day of the operation. The last intake of water, solid food should be at least 6 hours before planned surgery. As a rule, spinal or general anesthesia is used to perform surgery on the basin. Surgical treatment of urine incontinence by TVT-O is minimally invasive, so it takes about 15 minutes. Often this operation is combined with the plastic of the walls of the vagina. Slung operations to restore urine holding in the clinic are carried out according to the leading world standards and using certified high -quality implants. After surgery, the patient is transferred to the wake -up ward, where medical personnel are watching her condition. Small-invasive TVT-operations significantly reduce the time of inpatient stay. An extract occurs, as a rule, 1-2 days after surgery.


Postoperative period

After the operation, the appointments and recommendations of the attending physicologist are issued. A woman can return to an ordinary lifestyle immediately after surgery. There is practically no pain syndrome, you can go to work just a couple of days after discharge. Mandatory conditions for successful recovery after a sling operation are sexual rest and restriction of physical exertion for 1.5-2 months.


Treatment of urinary incontinence

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Treatment of urinary incontinence
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