Hysteroscopy is a high -precision informative research method that is used to establish a diagnosis and preventive examination.

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Want to examine the uterus and get an accurate result in one session? Sign up for hysteroscopy in Olympus Clinic to prevent the development of diseases of the female organs and start treatment in a timely manner!Hysteroscopy allows you to examine the uterus using a video camera of a very thin diameter directly in the gynecological chair, it does not require additional anesthesia.The office hysteroscope in the Olympus clinic makes it possible to identify and eliminate intrauterine pathologies, remove foreign bodies, endometrial polyps, and take a biopsy of tissues. During the procedure, the doctor and the patient can observe the uterus on the screen, and this is a unique opportunity, which is not provided in every clinic.

Показания и противопоказания



Inability to achieve pregnancy after regular unprotected sexual intercourse


Discomfort and presence of bloody discharge

Anomalies of uterine development

Defects in the structure of the uterus

Violation of the menstrual cycle

Irregular, meager, long or rare menstruation

A benign tumor

Pathological formations arising from violation of mechanisms for monitoring division, growth and differentiation of cells.

Suspicion of cancer

Aggressive tumor that grows rapidly without treatment and spreads metastases

Процесс проведения




At the consultation, a gynecologist finds out whether the patient has complaints, prescribes tests to evaluate the general state of health. After an advisory and diagnostic administration, the doctor decides to conduct hysteroscopy. Its result will allow to assess the condition of the pelvic organs, as well as identify the disease (if any) and prescribe the appropriate treatment. On the day of the procedure, you must carefully take a shower. The last meal is recommended no later than 22.00 hours on the eve of hysteroscopy. It is better to drink water no later than four hours before the study. Immediately before the manipulation itself, it is necessary to empty the bladder.



Hysteroscopy in the Olympus clinic is carried out as prescribed by a gynecologist. During the procedure, a certain amount of sterile physiological solution or glucose into the uterine cavity through the cervix canal is administered, and then a hysteroscope is administered, with which the image of the uterine mucosa is displayed on the monitor screen.



Endoscopic device - a hysteroscope allows you to visually evaluate the inner surface of the uterus and uterine pipes. This is a very informative study that helps to prevent the risk of developing many female diseases. Hysteroscopy has small trauma, after its implementation it is not necessary to stay in the hospital. Also, a hysteroscope allows you to remove a foreign body, polyp, and fibroids in one session.



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