Planned surgical ENT Operations

Chronic diseases of ENT organs, for example, chronic rhinitis, can be eliminated using planned surgery.

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Nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, headaches reduce the quality of life. In cases where conservative treatment does not give a result, you can get rid of ailment using a planned ENT operation.Otorinolaryngologists Olympus Clinic perform conchotomy, submucosal vasotomy of the lower nasal sinks and resection of the nasal shells using video endoscopic technologies.Surgical interventions have contraindications, so they are carried out only after consulting with a specialist.

Prescriptions and contraindications


Hypertrophy of the mucosa

tissue growth on the side wall of the nasal cavity

Narrow nasal passages

The occurrence of difficulty nasal breathing

Chronic sinusitis

sinusitis, which lasts more than eight weeks or periodically repeats

Atresia Hoan

infection of holes connecting the nasal cavity and nasopharynx

Sinechia mucosa

fusion between two opposite walls of the mucous membrane of the nasal passage


inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity with the appearance of mucus

Service procedure

Planned surgical ENT Operations



During the initial advisory reception, the otorhinolaryngologist conducts a survey and examination of the patient. Then the specialist prescribes examinations that identify the causes of the disease. After receiving the results of the diagnosis, the doctor may offer a trial conservative treatment. If it does not bring the desired result, preparation for the operation begins. Before any surgical intervention, it is necessary to reorganize the oral cavity and eliminate all available foci of infection. If the operation undergoes under general anesthesia, the patient needs to provide in advance to the clinic the results of tests and examinations, temporarily abandon alcohol and drugs that thin the blood. The day before you can not eat and drink.



Otorhinolaryngologists Olympus Clinic conduct planned surgical ENT operations. Depending on the testimony, the patient can be carried out unilateral conchotomy, submucosal vasotomy of the lower nasal sinks or resection of the nasal shells using video endoscopic technologies. During conkhotomy, the doctor removes part of the lower nasal sink with the mucous membrane. With vasotomy, the mucous membrane is not damaged, but blood vessels are dissected, which leads to a decrease in edema, a decrease in nasal shells and, as a result, restore normal breathing through the nose.



The restoration of the patient after a planned surgical ENT operating does not take much time. Rehabilitation takes place at home and lasts seven to ten days. For this period, the following restrictions apply - a ban on visiting a bath, sauna, pool, exclusion of physical activity and alcohol. In addition, the attending physician set the dates of examinations and issues individual recommendations for the care of the operated area (toilet and washing the nose, removal of crusts, regular application of antibacterial and anti -inflammatory trains).


Planned surgical ENT Operations

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Averbukh Vladimir Mikhailovich

Averbukh Vladimir Mikhailovich

Head of the Scientific and Clinical Department of Diseases of the Nose and Pharynx of the FSBI NMICO FMBA of Russia. Candidate of Medical Sciences. Certified otorhinolaryngologist of the highest category, rhinosurgeon, member of the Board of the Russian Society of Rhinologists, member of the Scientific Council of the Russian Society of Somnologists, member of the European Society of Rhinologists.

Pryanikov Pavel Dmitrievich

Pryanikov Pavel Dmitrievich

Candidate of Medical Sciences, certified otorhinolaryngologist. Specialist in the field of diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the ear, throat, nose, as well as head and neck.

Chuprikov Roman Sergeevich

Chuprikov Roman Sergeevich

Certified doctor-otorhinolaryngologist, surgeon, phoniatrist of the highest category.

Mushenko Vladislav Alekseevich

Mushenko Vladislav Alekseevich

Certified otorhinolaryngologist. Specialist in the field of rhinosurgery, surgical treatment of disorders of the ear, throat, nose, as well as head and neck.

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Planned surgical ENT Operations
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