Combination of two operations: breast augmentation (breast implants) and "Narrow waist" (changing the geometry of the ribs, without removing them and shaping the contour of the waist).

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from 650 000 ₽

The Hourglass surgical combination allows you to get the figure of your dreams in one operation, one anaesthetic and one recovery period.Breast augmentation surgery emphasises your femininity and beauty and changes the size and shape of your breasts according to your individual wishes. And the revolutionary "Narrow Waist" surgical technique allows you to achieve up to minus 10 in waistline by changing the geometry of your ribs, without removing them.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Prescriptions and contraindications


Desire to enlarge your breasts and reduce your waist circumference

Inadequate breast volume

Post-acute hypotrophy of the mammary glands

Breast and waist asymmetry

"Straight" chest

Inadequate waistline contour


Service procedure




Before the operation, patients must have a CT scan of the chest and ribs, the results of which are discussed with the doctor during a face-to-face consultation. All details of the future surgical procedure are discussed as part of the discussion. The plastic surgeon will also calculate the final cost of the operation, prescribe the necessary tests and write a consultation report.



The exclusive Hourglass surgery at the Olympus Clinic is only performed by prescription. In order for the surgery to take place, the patient must submit the results of tests and examinations in good time. There must not be any contraindications for the planned operation. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The duration of the operation depends on the characteristics of the body and the type and extent of the correction.



After surgery, the patient is transferred to a comfortable room at the Olympus Clinic until the next morning, depending on his or her general condition. The medical staff monitors the patient's condition around the clock to ensure there is no risk of complications. Discharge from the hospital takes place after authorisation by an anaesthesiologist and intensive care physician. To form the desired result it is necessary to wear a compression bra for 2 months, a corset (in the first 10 days it can be loosened and removed temporarily; further and until the complete consolidation of the rib bones it is necessary to wear it permanently, up to 3 months) and follow all the additional recommendations received from the plastic surgeon. Three months after surgery a follow-up CT scan of the chest and ribs will be performed and then the patient will undergo a final examination by the plastic surgeon.



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Kraiushkin Igor
Plastic surgery

Kraiushkin Igor

A plastic surgeon, doctor of medicine sciences, Fellow of the Russian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.

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