Glutoplasty (butt plastic)

Glutoplasty is aimed at changing the volume, shape, silhouette of the buttocks. The result appears immediately after the operation and persists for a long time

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The anatomical features of the buttocks do not always allow them to give them an ideal form using exercises and diets. Are you looking for an effective way to achieve what you want?Glutoplasty in Olympus Clinic - your choice! Our plastic surgeons will bring your figure to perfection. The operation is suitable for increasing small and flat buttocks, eliminating the consequences of significant weight loss and correction of age -related changes.Take the first step to fulfilling a dream - sign up for a consultation with Olympus Clinic specialists!

Prescriptions and contraindications


Dissatisfaction with the size of the buttocks

Aesthetic defects of the gluteal department

Congenital defects or traces of injuries

Scars and scars

Age -related changes

Reduction of collagen and elastin in the skin

Dissatisfaction with the shape of the buttocks

A certain type of physique

Ptosis of the buttocks

Owl of the buttocks

Asymmetry of the buttocks

Assymmetry of body proportions in the buttocks

Service procedure

Glutoplasty (butt plastic)



Before carrying out gluteoplasty, you need to visit confrontation, within the framework of which all the details of the future operation are discussed. A conversation with a plastic surgeon is needed to take into account the patient’s wishes and choose the right size and shape of implants. Also, according to the results of the meeting, the doctor calculates the final cost of the operation, appoints the necessary tests and prescribes an advisory conclusion.



Glutoplasty in Olympus clinics is performed only as prescribed by a doctor. To conduct surgery, the patient needs to provide the results of tests and examinations in a timely manner. He should not have contraindications to perform a planned operation. The plastic of the buttocks passes under general anesthesia and lasts from one and a half to three hours. Duration depends on the characteristics of the body and the volume of intervention.



During the day after gluteoplasty, the patient is in the comfortable ward Olympus Clinic. Medical staff monitors his condition around the clock to eliminate the risk of complications. To form the desired result after discharge, it is necessary to observe restrictions and follow the recommendations. After setting implants, injections in the gluteal region are prohibited forever. The final result can be evaluated a year after the operation.


Glutoplasty (butt plastic)

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Snigir Oleg Olegovich
Plastic surgery

Snigir Oleg Olegovich

Plastic surgeon, highly specialized specialist in the field of body surgery. The author of a unique technique of invisible stealth sutures and accelerated rehabilitation. Innovator in the field of aesthetic medicine.

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Glutoplasty (butt plastic)
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