Dental treatment under a microscope

Treatment of teeth using a microscope provides higher accuracy of the diagnosis, improves the quality of treatment and minimizes the risk of damage to healthy tissues.

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Do you value your time? Do you prefer modern technologies that give the best result?Treatment under a microscope in Olympus Clinic is a qualitatively new level of dental services. Our doctors use a microscope to conduct accurate diagnostics and increase the effectiveness of procedures. A multiple increase in working space reduces treatment time, allows you to preserve healthy tissues and get long -term result.Choose the best - sign up for treatment under a microscope in Olympus Clinic!

Prescriptions and contraindications


Diagnosis of diseases

Establishing an accurate diagnosis

Orthodox treatment

The process of aligning tooths and correcting the wrong bite

Orthopedic treatment

Detection and elimination of violations of the integrity of the dentition

Periodontic treatment

Prevention and treatment of tooth-mute anomalies


DELIVERY OF TEARS OF ANY degree of complexity

Endodontic treatment

Treatment of deep caries, affecting the nerves of the teeth

Service procedure

Dental treatment under a microscope



As part of a full -time consultation with a dentist, all issues regarding treatment under a microscope are discussed. The doctor talks in detail about the procedure, checks the absence of contraindications, learns about the wishes of the patient. Based on the information collected, a treatment plan is drawn up.



Treatment under a microscope in Olympus clinics is performed only as prescribed by a doctor, provided that the patient did not have contraindications. During the procedure, the dentist does not lean towards the patient. He is located behind or from the side of the chair, looks into the eyepiece and performs spot manipulations. Using a microscope reduces treatment time. Its duration depends on the



After treatment under a microscope in Olympus, the patient must observe the hygiene of the oral cavity and follow the individual recommendations received from the dentist.


Dental treatment under a microscope

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Velichko Konstantin Vladimirovich

Velichko Konstantin Vladimirovich

Head of the Olymp Clinic Dentistry Department. Dentist-therapist, endodontist.

Rukavitsina Tatiana Grigorievna

Rukavitsina Tatiana Grigorievna

Dentist-therapist. Specialist in the field of aesthetic restoration of teeth and prevention of diseases of the oral cavity.

Tereshchenko Ekaterina Sergeevna

Tereshchenko Ekaterina Sergeevna

Dentist-orthopedist, therapist. Member of the "Society for the Study of Color in Dentistry", member of the association "Dentists of the Capital".

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Dental treatment under a microscope
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