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Olymp Clinic Voronezh

OLIMP CLINIC is a high-tech aesthetic medicine clinic in Voronezh with one of the largest equipment parks in the region, the ideology of which is longevity, increased comfort and quality of life.

Moiseeva st., 2/2, 5
Olymp Clinic Voronezh


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4D modification of Fotona

The Fotona laser system is a safe low -traumatic way of skin rejuvenation, which stimulates cell regeneration and activates collagen production.

Olymp Clinic
from 45 000 ₽
Olymp Clinic Voronezh
from 35 000 ₽
3D rejuvenation Fotona

FOTONA laser system is a safe, low-traumatic method of skin rejuvenation that stimulates cell regeneration and activates collagen production.

Olymp Clinic
from 15 000 ₽
Olymp Clinic Voronezh
On request

Endosphere Endosphere on the EndoSpheres Ak Sensor Body is aimed at eliminating cellulite and excess weight due to the effect of the lymphatic pump, which activates blood circulation and lymph flow, also accelerates the metabolism in adipocytes.

Olymp Clinic
from 4 500 ₽
Olymp Clinic Voronezh
from 3 500 ₽
Fotona Program for grinding stretch marks, scars and post -acne

Located scars, scars, post -acne, stretch marks and vascular stars can be eliminated using the Fotona laser system.

Olymp Clinic
from 5 000 ₽
Olymp Clinic Voronezh
On request


Our mission is not to change a person’s appearance to fit existing trends, but to emphasize the patient’s natural beauty by choosing the ideal techniques.


Cosmetology equipment

Cosmetology equipment that meets all quality and certification standards

8 devices

Cosmetology equipment
Reliably. Safely

Reliably. Safely

Certified drugs, original equipment, highly qualified specialists, attentive attitude to patients, functional arrangement of the building - all this guarantees comfort and safety at all stages of interaction with the clinic

  • Cosmetology
  • Dentistry
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How to get to us?

From st. Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya, turn right to the Olympic Avenue. In the right lane, after 80 meters, you need to turn to the barrier “Car Wash”

1 exit to the city, then left to the Garden Ring, at the crossing to the right, crossing the boulevard, one more crossing and at the traffic light to the left. The Olymp Clinic building is located overlooking the Garden Ring to the right of the crossing. Travel time is approximately 9 minutes. Landmark - sign Olymp Clinic

Exit 3 from the metro and 640 meters straight ahead, the clinic will be on the right. Landmark - sign Olymp Clinic

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