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Functional endoscopic surgery in chronic inflammatory diseases

Endoscopic ENT operations are the most gentle and effective modern method of treating the pathologies of ENT organs.

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Functional endoscopic surgery in chronic inflammatory diseases

The main tasks of ENT endoscopy are the restoration of nasal breathing, preservation of the function of mucous membranes, removal of neoplasms, foreign bodies, as well as stimulation of local immunity

Expected effect

Improving well-being

You will feel great

Confidence in your health

You will be calm for the state of your body



During the initial consultation, an otorhinolaryngologist collects anamnesis and examines the patient. Then he prescribes a comprehensive laboratory and functional diagnosis, which will reveal the causes of the disease. Based on the conducted examination and in the presence of direct indications for surgical intervention, preparation for a planned operation begins. Before any surgical intervention, it is necessary to sanitize the oral cavity and nasopharynx in order to eliminate all existing foci of infection. If the operation takes place under general anesthesia, the patient must provide the results of tests and examinations to the clinic in advance, which the attending physician will clarify at the reception. In addition, recommendations will be given on correcting nutrition, changing habits and taking medications.



Surgical intervention is performed using minimally invasive modern, patented proprietary techniques. This reduces the risk of bleeding, possible complications, leads to rapid tissue healing and restoration of the full function of nasal breathing.



The patient's recovery after a planned endoscopic ENT surgery does not take much time. The attending physician draws up an individual rehabilitation plan, which takes place at home and lasts an average of 7-10 days. During this period, certain restrictions must be observed: refrain from visiting the bath, sauna, swimming pool, completely exclude alcohol intake and any physical activity. The doctor also appoints the dates of repeated examinations and gives recommendations for the prevention of repeated cases of the disease.

Benefits of the service

Restoration of breathing

Elimination of the disease and symptoms

Indications and contraindications

Subdural Empiem

The accumulation of pus, which is formed between the brain and the surrounding tissue

Chronic sinusitis

sinusitis, which lasts more than eight weeks or periodically repeats

Polyposis of the nose or paranasal sinuses

inflammation of the mucous membrane of the paranasal sinuses and the nasal cavity, which is accompanied by the formation of polyps


spontaneous flow of cerebrospinal fluid through defects in a solid cerebral membrane

Nose sinking interventions and nasal sinks

carried out with severe deformation of the bone-chrysha

The compression of the optic nerve, tumors

Damage in orbit and, less often, the visual canal may be caused.

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Complex treatment of patients with polypose rhinosinusitis

Polypose rhinosinusitis is accompanied by difficulty of breathing, smell loss, snoring and other symptoms. Only a comprehensively selected otorhinolaryngologist, treatment eliminates all the symptoms and the cause of the disease.

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Consultation of Otorinolaryngologist

A patorinolaryngologist is engaged in the treatment of diseases of the ear, throat and nose. Treatment under the control of an ENT doctor is important, since the diseases of these organs, with improper treatment, turn into a chronic form or give complications.

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Surgical treatment of snoring

Obstructive apnea syndrome is a pathology, accompanied by snoring. One of the most effective treatment methods is surgical.

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Planned surgical ENT Operations

Chronic diseases of ENT organs, for example, chronic rhinitis, can be eliminated using planned surgery.

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Functional endoscopic surgery in chronic inflammatory diseases
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