Tooth removal

In some cases, treatment aimed at preserving the tooth is impossible, as this leads to a deterioration in health. In such a situation, its removal is shown. The dentist will conduct such a procedure quickly and painlessly and tell you about the methods of prosthetics.

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Our dentists always try to maintain the integrity of the patient’s dentition, but diseases and pathologies can disrupt these plans. Are you experiencing acute pain? Do you have emergency or planned indications for tooth extraction?Tooth removal to Olympus Clinic is a painless solution to serious problems. Our experts remove their teeth only if it is impossible to treat them or in preparation for prosthetics and installation of braces.Consult with professionals - sign up for a consultation at Olympus Clinic!

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Tooth removal

Показания и противопоказания


Emergency tooth extraction

The need for emergency tooth extraction in acute purulent inflammations that spread to the bone

With orthodontic and orthopedic treatment

When conducting orthodontic treatment and correction of bite

Enormalities of the bite

Violations associated with the position of teeth


Periodontitis with 3 or 4 stages of mobility

The consequences of injuries

Mechanical damage to the teeth


Launched caries (more than 70%)

Процесс проведения

Tooth removal



As part of a full -time consultation with a dentist, all issues regarding the removal of teeth are discussed. The doctor takes pictures, talks in detail about the procedure, checks the absence of contraindications. Depending on the indications, a suitable method of tooth extraction is selected. The procedure is carried out only in particularly difficult cases, when it is impossible to cure and save the tooth.



The removal of the teeth in Olympus clinics is performed only as prescribed by the doctor, provided that the patient did not have contraindications. The tooth extraction technique depends on the indications. The procedure is carried out under anesthesia so that the patient does not experience discomfort and pain during tooth extraction. After removing the tooth, the doctor does disinfection and processing of the hole.



After teeth removal to Olympus, the patient needs to follow the recommendations received from the dentist.


Tooth removal

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Tooth removal
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