Correction of a bite

Correction of a bite is possible by installing braces, elimers or retainers. The doctor offers the patient a method that will give the best result, taking into account the condition of the patient's teeth.


Bracket - system: from 160,000 rubles

Aligners: from 92,000 rubles

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Do you experience discomfort and constraint due to the characteristics of the dentition? Are the teeth located boring or, conversely, far from each other? Want to change it?Correction of a bite to Olympus Clinic - your choice! Our dentists are engaged in the installation of bracket systems and modeling of elimers. Inappropriate and removable orthodontic constructions are used to align tooths. They are selected according to the testimony during full -time consultation.Give yourself an attractive smile - correct the bite in Olympus Clinic!

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Correction of a bite

Показания и противопоказания



Abnormal closing of the dentition, due to the maxillofacial deformation

Brightness of teeth

Pathology of the dentition, characterized by a close location of the teeth as a result of an existing deficiency of the place


The gaps between the teeth

Dental anomalies

Congenital or acquired violations of the shape and length of the lower and upper dental arches

Preparation for implantation

A set of measures that contribute to preparation for dental implantation

Preparation for prosthetics

A set of measures contributing to preparation for dental prosthetics

Процесс проведения

Correction of a bite



As part of a full -time consultation with the dentist, all issues regarding the correction of the bite are discussed. The doctor talks in detail about the procedure, checks the absence of contraindications. Depending on the testimony and wishes of the patient, an individual treatment plan is being developed, a 3D model of the jaw (for the manufacture of elimers) is created, or clicks of teeth are made (for the manufacture of a bracket system). Before installing a bracket system and the beginning of wearing elimers, treatment of oral cavity is carried out.



Correction of the bite to Olympus the clinic is performed only as prescribed by the doctor, provided that the patient did not have contraindications. Wearing bracket systems and elainers is a long treatment process, during which it is necessary to regularly visit the attending dentist. The duration of alignment of the teeth depends on the individual characteristics of the patient.



After installing a bracket system or making elimers in Olympus, the patient must follow the hygiene of the oral cavity and follow the recommendations received from the dentist.


Correction of a bite

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Яковлева Мария Владимировна

Яковлева Мария Владимировна

Врач стоматолог-ортодонт. Член Профессионального Общества Ортодонтов России.

Абрамашвили Софья Давидовна

Абрамашвили Софья Давидовна

Врач стоматолог-ортодонт. Специалист в области профилактики, диагностики и лечения патологий прикуса.

Титова Яна Олеговна

Титова Яна Олеговна

Врач стоматолог-ортодонт. Специалист в области диагностики и лечения нарушений прикуса.

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Correction of a bite
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