Removing neoplasms in gynecology

The neoplasms of the intimate zone require a mandatory examination by a gynecologist, and removal with histological examination in the presence of indications.

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Do you feel itching and pain after intercourse? Bleeding and unusual discharge appeared? On the pubis, labia or in the crotch area, neoplasms arose?Removing neoplasms in Olympus Clinic is an effective solution to an intimate problem. Our gynecologists are engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of warts, papillomas and condils, which can lead to the development of malignant diseases.Choose an effective technique for removing neoplasms - sign up for a consultation with a gynecologist at the Olympus Clinic!

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Skin lesions in the form of rounded, protruding above the surface of formations and growths


Local epithelial growths on the skin or mucous membranes


Warts that are located in the anogenital region

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Removing neoplasms in gynecology



Before removing neoplasms, it is necessary to visit a confrontation with a gynecologist, on which the doctor conducts a visual examination, prescribes diagnostic examinations and tests. Based on the information received, the specialist determines the type of virus and draws up a plan for further treatment, including chooses a suitable method of removing neoplasms.



The removal of neoplasms in Olympus clinics is carried out only as prescribed by a doctor. To carry out the procedure, the patient should not have contraindications. Treatment of warts, papillomas and condylors passes painlessly. If necessary, local anesthesia is used.



After removing the neoplasms, the patient must follow the restrictions and follow the recommendations received from the doctor. They depend on the chosen treatment method. The maximum rehabilitation period does not exceed three weeks. In the early days, antiseptic drugs must be used.


Removing neoplasms in gynecology

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Removing neoplasms in gynecology
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