Microtope therapy BIO-ULTIMATE GOLD

BIO-ULTIMATE GOLD microcurrent therapy works to activate metabolic processes in the cell and is prescribed for the purpose of rejuvenating or accelerating recovery processes.

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Are you preparing for the operation? Want to speed up rehabilitation or make the skin fresh and younger? Microtope therapy of BIO-ULTIMATE GOLD in Olympus Clinic is a non-invasive technique that solves a whole range of problems.Microcurrents reduce swelling after operations and procedures, restore skin tone, eliminate acne and post -acne, are suitable for the treatment of photo glasses, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and rosacea.Choose safety and comfort-sign up for the Bio-Ultimate Gold microticle therapy in Olympus Clinic!

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Rehabilitation after procedures and operations

Reducing the deadlines for restoration of the body after surgery and procedures

Violation of muscle tone

Disorders of individual or all body muscles

Gravity ptosis

Opinion of the contours of the face

Mimic wrinkles

Active reduction of facial muscles

Backs under the eyes

Expanding or swelling of subcutaneous fat


Accumulation of excessive amount of fluid in the body

Процесс проведения

Microtope therapy BIO-ULTIMATE GOLD



As part of a full-time consultation with a cosmetologist, all issues are discussed regarding the conduct of microcurrent therapy on the Bio-Ultimate Gold apparatus. The doctor talks in detail about the procedure and rehabilitation. Depending on the testimony and wishes of the patient, a suitable program is selected, the area of ​​exposure is determined. BIO-ULTIMATE GOLD microcurrent therapy does not require special preparation.



Microtherapy therapy on the BIO-Ultimate Gold apparatus in Olympus clinics is performed only as prescribed by the doctor, provided that the patient did not identify contraindications. Immediately before the procedure, the specialist removes the keratinized layer of cells from the patient's skin and applies a conductive gel to the problem areas to which the electrodes will be applied. The effects of microcurrents are painless. The duration of the BIO-ULTIMATE GOLD microcurrent therapy depends on the selected program and usually does not exceed 60 minutes.



The rehabilitation period after microticle therapy on the Bio-Ultimate Gold apparatus in Olympus clinics is absent. The result is noticeable immediately, but for a prolonged effect, a course of procedures may be required.

Услуга проводится с применением оборудования Bio-Ultimate Gold

The apparatus of the new generation microtope therapy, which is characterized by the presence of ready -made programs in the face and body for care procedures for skin types, treatment, lifting, lymphatic drainage, rehabilitation after plastic surgery and aggressive methods. A variety of nozzles allow procedures even without the participation of a specialist's hands. Microelectric impulses reproduced by the device restore the ability of cells to take the introduced substances, remove toxins and update.

Bio-Ultimate Gold


Microtope therapy BIO-ULTIMATE GOLD

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Емельянова Татьяна Георгиевна

Емельянова Татьяна Георгиевна

Заместитель главного врача по аппаратной косметологии «Олимп Клиник». Врач-косметолог, эксперт в антивозрастной и эстетической медицине.

Глухова Анна Викторовна

Глухова Анна Викторовна

Сертифицированный специалист по эстетике лица и тела

Ломака Ирина Борисовна

Ломака Ирина Борисовна

Врач-дерматовенеролог, косметолог, трихолог, сертифицированный тренер компании «Phitogen» по инъекционным методикам.

Северова Анна Геннадьевна

Северова Анна Геннадьевна

Врач - дерматовенеролог, косметолог, эндокринолог. Специалист в области anti-age медицины, SPRS-терапии, аппаратной и инъекционной косметологии.

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Microtope therapy BIO-ULTIMATE GOLD
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