Closing the perforation

Surgery to close a penetrating septal defect.

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The causes of perforations are numerous: previous operations (septoplasty, rhinoseptoplasty), trauma, toxic effects of drugs and other substances, including narcotics, systemic diseases as well as spontaneously.Perforations vary in localisation and size, and may increase in size. The growth of the perforation can be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms: bleeding, crusts, and a constant unpleasant smell in the nose.If the perforation does not increase in size and the support of the nasal septum is maintained, surgical treatment may not be necessary. If the perforation is enlarging and/or the support of the septum is compromised, surgical treatment is required. The doctors at Olympus Clinic use various techniques under endoscopic control and also combine closure of perforations with septal reconstruction in secondary operations.


Closing the perforation

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Malakhov Alexander Andreevich
Plastic surgery

Malakhov Alexander Andreevich

Plastic surgeon, a highly specialized specialist in the field of nasal surgery. Full member of the Russian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons of Russia (ROPRE). Full member of the European Society of Rhinoplasty.

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Closing the perforation
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